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Best Guide Affiliate and AdSense Marketing 2021

What is Affiliate and AdSense Marketing

My topic is Affiliate & AdSense Marketing. So these two marketing techniques can generate a lot amount of profit, and here profit indicates fame and money both. First, we discuss affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing:

By its name, it sounds like as to promote another product or service on your platforms by using your technique.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing technique that is used to promote and sell other products or services on online platforms and if your recommended product sells through your link then you will get some commission as per the company law.

Here are some simple steps to connect your website to affiliate:-

 Sign up to affiliate marketing providing company

 After sign up affiliate company will analyze your website if everything will okay then after some time your affiliate account will activate.

 Now your website is approved so pick a product to promote with your you will get a unique affiliate link.

 You can promote and share your affiliate link as per your source and reach people.

 If anyone goes to the affiliate website through your affiliate link and purchase a product then you will get your commission as per your product.

Some industries that promote their product through affiliate marketing are:-

  • E-commerce websites like Amazon affiliate
  • Bank and insurance companies like HDFC Bank and HDFC life
  • Education affiliates like The Linux Foundation, Udacity, etc
  • Gaming affiliates like NVIDIA, Zygor Guides Gaming, etc

Types of an affiliate program:-

It will be divided into different forms…

Product affiliate:- 

In this type of affiliate, you can promote products to a related niche. To create a product affiliate program, you first need to create a blog website where you will right product-related information. After some time when you get traffic on your website at that time, you can connect with your niche related affiliate program to promote their product.

Coupon Affiliate:-

In this type of affiliate program, you will provide a coupon for different websites. In the present time, most of the people waiting for offers and coupons so that they get profit while purchasing any product. So in this type of program what to have to do is to start a blog and in that blog write about new offer and also upcoming offer so that people will take interest in your blog by this you will get traffic for your website, and you are generating a belief to the reader. After some time, you can offer another website to promote their websites using their coupon code.

Review Sites:-

In this type of website, you will write a review related to your niche. Review sites could be upon any product like a review of the book, Electronic gadget review, Review on a different type of service provider company, etc. If you successfully established your review site, then in the future different types of companies approach you to promote their products.

Job sites:-

On this type of site, you can provide jobs information that is open in your city or as per reach. Many people daily search for jobs on different sites, so this is a very profitable program. You can also provide a blog where you can give a job-related solution. Like how to get a job? Or How to be successful in the interview? Etc.

Previously, we discussed how to connect with the affiliate program.

Some Affiliates program websites


Amazon Affiliate, Commission Junction, ShareASale, Clickbank, ImpactRadius, Partnerstack, Refersion marketplace
Awin, Avangate, Rakuten, etc.

               Google AdSense


What is Google Ads?

Google AdSense is provided with a product ad from Google for publishers and bloggers to make money from blogging. The good thing about AdSense is the quality of the ads it serves. It indicates advertisements based on the context of the object a reader is reading or based totally on their personal interest.

Why Google AdSense is best?

When it comes to earning money from blogging, Google AdSense offers you peace of mind with routine earnings. There are many types of networks available for bloggers, such as Media.Net, PropellerAds and some more, however not anything is equal to Google AdSense, due to the agreement with the factor that is brought with the “Google” logo name. After all, it adds the comfort that we can receive a commission in time.

  • Google AdSense was released in March 2003.
  • Google Acquired Applied Semantics to grab the call AdSense in April 2003.
  • AdSense has a referral program in the7 starting time that is still to be had for selected publishers.
How to create an AdSense account?


To create an AdSense account, follow these steps:-

  1. You have a website that has some content
  2. You have completed your 18-year age, another you have to create an account related to your parents.
  3. Now sign up for AdSense
  4. Google Ads provide you with a code that you have to put to your website.
  5. Google will verify your Google Ads account and your website and this process could take up to 1  week after you will get a message about approval and disapproval of Google Ads.
  6. If your request is disapproved, then they will the reason behind the disapproval of your account. After some when you solve your website problem then you can again apply for Google Ads.
  7. If your website gets approved with Google Ads then a new problem is faced while setup ads and that is the txt file. They said to add this file to the root directory.
    1. But you can use a plugin to add the ads.txt file to your root directory, and the plugin is Advanced Ads.
    2. Add a proper mail address so that in future if Google Ads send you anything then you don’t need to be worried about anything.
Why fails to get an approval of Google AdSense


  1. Design your website that looks simple but different and easy to navigate.
  2. Content of your website:- Provide sufficient content on your page, at least describe every page with a unique keyword. Use relevant content related to your page.
  3. Content length is too short, that is also caused disapproval of your AdSense account.
  4. Copy content can also cause disapproval of Google AdSense.
  5. If your website is new approx 3 months or less then most probably Google will not approve your Google AdSense account.
How To Get Google AdSense Approval


  1. While you create a website, you should be very clear about your niche.
  2. Create proper content for your website that reflects your niche property.
  3. Create content that is easy to read, and it should be more than 700 words.
  4. At least create 10 posts before applying for AdSense.
  5. Design your website to that impact on the reader.

We provide more info about this topic in our upcoming blog. Also read about – Graphic and web design

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