The Ultimate Guide To Buying Amazon Mystery Boxes
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How To Buy an Amazon Mystery Box: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Thinking of getting your hands on an intriguing Amazon mystery box? These blind boxes contain unknown assortments of items centered around certain themes or categories. The mystery factor makes it exciting to open them up and see what’s inside.

But finding and purchasing mystery boxes on Amazon can be tricky with so many low-quality or sketchy options out there. Follow this comprehensive tutorial to learn how to identify and buy legitimate mystery boxes you’ll love opening.

We’ll cover:

  • What Exactly Are Amazon Mystery Boxes?
  • Benefits and Drawbacks of Mystery Boxes
  • Where to Find Quality Mystery Box Listings
  • How to Spot Fake or Misleading Boxes
  • Steps to Purchase a Mystery Box on Amazon
  • How to Pay and Checkout Successfully
  • Extra Tips for a Smooth Buying Experience

Let’s solve the mystery of how to safely buy the perfect surprise box on Amazon for all your unboxing enjoyment!

What Exactly Are Amazon Mystery Boxes?

Mystery boxes offered through Amazon contain undisclosed selections of items centered around certain themes. For example, you can find mystery boxes based on:

  • Specific product categories like toys, video games, beauty items, candy, etc.
  • Holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • Fan themes covering Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, anime, and more
  • General assortments with no particular theme

The key draw is that the contents remain a secret until you receive and open the box. Sellers advertise the general focus only, without specifying exactly which items get included. This leaves the final selection a fun surprise.

Mystery boxes range from cheap $10 boxes to over $100+ luxury versions depending on the assortment quality. But you often get a much higher retail value worth of merchandise than what you pay.

Overall, Amazon mystery boxes offer excitement and value if you purchase wisely. But finding and spotting decent options among junk takes some savvy.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Mystery Boxes

Here are the key pros and cons to weigh when considering an Amazon mystery box:


  • Fun sense of anticipation and surprise opening the box
  • Chance to obtain high retail-value items at steep discounts
  • Exposure to new items and brands you may not discover otherwise
  • Perfect for gifts, unboxing videos, or just thrills


  • You don’t know exactly what items you’ll receive until opened
  • Risk of counterfeit products if buying from untrustworthy sellers
  • Some sellers misrepresent value or load boxes with junk
  • Specific item you hope for not guaranteed like normal purchases

Mystery boxes bring unpredictable excitement. But manage expectations around item conditions and value by vetting sellers thoroughly.

Where to Find Quality Mystery Box Listings

Searching for “mystery box” on Amazon itself surfaces lots of irrelevant junk. Instead, consider these better sources:

Amazon Daily Deals – Check the Today’s Deals page for limited-time mystery box deals from legit sellers.

Reddit Forums – SubReddits like r/mysteryboxes discuss trusted sellers and box reviews.

YouTube Unboxings – Watch YouTube unboxing videos to see mystery box hauls from specific sellers.

Social Media Ads – Vetted sellers promote boxes on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Google Search – Try searching for more specific terms like “anime mystery box Amazon”.

Treasure Truck Emails – Amazon’s Treasure Truck sometimes offers curated mystery boxes.

Take time to research options before purchase. Vet seller reputations and actual unboxing results to make an informed decision.

How to Spot Fake or Misleading Mystery Box Listings

Unfortunately, many mystery box listings make false promises to lure in buyers. Here are red flags to watch out for:

  • Too-Good-To-Be-True Value – No $20 box will realistically contain $500+ worth of merchandise.
  • Fake Reviews – Check for review red flags like non-verified buyers, brief generic comments, broken English.
  • Stock Photos – Listings show generic box photos that look too perfect, not real unboxing photos.
  • Sketchy Seller Names – Avoid sellers with random strings of numbers and letters for names.
  • Only Positive Reviews – Legitimate sellers have at least some negative feedback mixed in.
  • Constant “Sales” – Box prices shouldn’t be perpetually slashed or on countdown timers.
  • High Shipping Fees – Mystery fee shipping charged on top often cuts into the value dramatically.

Scrutinize seller profiles and listings closely to catch signs of deceit or exaggeration about the mystery box quality.

Steps to Purchase a Mystery Box on Amazon

Once you spot a promising mystery box from a reputable seller, here is the process to purchase it:

  1. Add to Cart – Pick your desired box listing and click “Add to Cart”. Make sure it ships to your location if specified.
  2. Select Quantity – Choose the quantity of boxes you want if given the option. Buying multiple can increase overall value.
  3. Proceed to Checkout – Click “Proceed to Checkout” to begin the payment process. Ensure your Amazon account is logged in.
  4. Confirm Shipping Address – Double check the auto-populated shipping address Amazon has on file for you. Update as needed.
  5. Select Shipping Option – If presented with shipping choices, go with the cheapest reliable option unless you need fast delivery.
  6. Enter Payment Method – Pick your saved payment method or enter a new card. Amazon often offers installment plans too.
  7. Place Your Order – Review the final order summary, then click “Place Your Order” to finalize purchasing.

Buying a mystery box follows the standard Amazon order process. Just be sure to choose a trustworthy listing and secure seller before checkout.

How to Pay and Checkout Successfully

Amazon offers multiple ways to checkout quickly for mystery box purchases:

Saved Payment Methods – Your Amazon account stores default credit, debit, and gift card payment info for fast 1-click ordering.

Amazon Rewards Card – Get 5% back on mystery box purchases when paying with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa.

Amazon Gift Cards – Redeem gift card balances from your account wallet towards mystery boxes.

Amazon Cash – Add cash to your account at partner retailers to use for mystery box orders.

Amazon Credit Lines – Qualify for monthly payment plans and credit lines to pay off larger purchases over time.

Once your default payment method is set up, Prime members can even use Amazon’s one-click ordering to buy mystery boxes with a single click. But be careful not to enable one-click ordering for shared or public devices.

Extra Tips for a Smooth Buying Experience

Here are some final tips for making your mystery box purchase go smoothly:

  • Track Package Delivery – Sign up for delivery alerts to know exactly when your box arrives.
  • Record Unboxing Video – Capture the experience opening your mystery box for the first time on camera.
  • Inspect for Damage – Contact the seller if the delivered box appears tampered with or damaged.
  • Regift Unwanted Items – Don’t throw away any items you don’t want. Regift them or donate.
  • Leave Feedback – Provide fair seller feedback detailing your mystery box satisfaction level.
  • Contact Support With Issues – If unhappy for any reason, file a complaint with Amazon customer support for help.
  • Enjoy the Surprise! – Embrace the mystery box spirit and have fun discovering each curated item inside.

Read out for mystery box scams, but don’t let fear deter you from the genuine excitement of unboxing surprises ordered through a trusted seller. Vet options thoroughly, manage expectations, and follow standard Amazon ordering procedures for a great experience.

Did you find this mystery box buying guide helpful? Share any other tips for spotting quality boxes in the comments!

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