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Are you looking for Best Ad Networks For Publisher? Then  your research end here because we have research and listed here top Ad Networks For Publisher.

Every Ad Network has its own feature but some of the feature are same as others so you need to follow few things to choose better ad network.

If you are new like you have just created your site but do not know – How you can start earning then we will also cover that.

So, Lets start the –

Best Ad Networks For Publisher [Update]

How you can start earning from your website at the starting time?

This question is very common and most of the people think about this before creating a website, so today you will get all these information with solution.

You Need To Created a Website

What is Ad Network?

The role of an ad network in inventory selling is to introduce the correct impression to the right buyer through an ad network. It works with publishers (on the supply side) and advertisers (on the demand side) to help them reach their advertising goals.

The role of ad networks has changed as the inventory exchange cycle has become more intricate. Direct sales and acquisitions of inventory from SSPs or ad exchanges by ad networks are common for publishers, but they aren’t always the most profitable option for ad networks.

Publishers tend to focus on a single ad format for the majority of their work. Publishers who want to make money through a certain format can use ad networks.

For example, there are CPM ad networks like Criteo, which are recognized for offering the best CPM rate, and video ad networks like Unruly, which are known for providing publishers with the greatest video content.

Learn Google – How to get Google AdSense Approval

What things you need to consider Before Choosing a Ad Networks

Being patient and diligent is always a good thing and you should research the customer experience. Plus, just talking to other publishers can help you with their experiences. Your friends at the publishers already have experience, so you can ask them too. Here we would like to point out some important things to consider when choosing ad network marketing:

1. Ad format:
Ad format is an important consideration as it has a huge impact on ad performance. However, each ad format has its own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the right ad format is very important before choosing an ad network. Because it helps us deliver better results to our customers. With perfect formatting, your blog doesn’t look too busy or boring to your users. We recommend finding the best ad unit with a customizable native design.

2. Dedication on Work:
Dedication is very important in any profession, and dedication clearly brings success. Network marketing is not an overnight skill. With perseverance and dedication, you can lead ad network marketing.

3 Ad quality:
Low quality ads are generally not suitable for advertising. Advertisements are advertised directly and indirectly by you and displayed in front of users. Therefore, the quality of advertising, which plays an important role in this field, should be considered first.

Low quality ads can be the worst because they can bore users. Maximum publishers avoid this and get the worst feedback from their audience. Push advertising now dominates this area of ​​ad networks. The ad quality is excellent as it can get a huge number of user impressions. Check out how to make it happen.

4. Network Sizing:
Proper sizing of your ad network tells you how many ads you can display or deliver. Most consultants in this field offer better guarantees with efficient performance. Make sure your ad placement matches your website content. This will improve your CTR and user engagement. So if you are thinking about getting into ad network marketing, you should take this into consideration.

5. User Experience:
The most important thing in Ad Network is to put user experience first. Not providing a great user experience can ruin the whole plan and hard work. Find out which ideas can satisfy users and make a good impression.

List of Top Ad Networks For Publisher in 2023

1.Google Adsense logo
Google AdSense

2. Amazon Associates logoAmazon Associates

3.     PopAds logo

4.  MediaNet Logo (media.net) | ? logo, Tech company logos, Logos               Media.net

5.    Adsterra logo

6.    Propeller logo    Propeller

1. Google AdSense

File:Google Adsense logo.png - Wikimedia Commons

When someone talks about monetization, the first ad network that comes to mind is usually Google AdSense. Google AdSense has the best ad performance for international traffic with around 100% fill for small publishers.

It’s no surprise that Adsense has been the world’s largest and best advertising network for years. Approving an AdSense account can be very difficult, but not impossible.

You can easily get approved by AdSense by following Adsense guidelines and webmaster quality guidelines. Be sure to read the Google Terms of Service.

Publishers can reap the benefits of a successful advertising network if they follow them correctly, but if they violate them they risk even harsher penalties. You can also block ads you don’t want to see, choose where you want your ads to appear on your blog, and even customize the design of your text ads to match your website. You can also control which ad categories are allowed.

“Your site, your rules” and it’s done. Block unwanted ads, choose where ads appear, and customize the look of your text ads to match your website. You can also control which ad categories are allowed. It’s your friend, your rule. Quickly create, run, and analyze A or B experiments without changing code.

AdSense tests allow you to compare one ad metric against another to see which is performing better.

Basic Details:-

Publisher Traffic Requirements – None (Only legal category allowed)

Payment Methods – Check available payment methods as per your country. [Update – All Payment Related FAQs]

Minimum Withdrawal – $100

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