Best Free Chrome Extension for SEOs

Best Free Chrome Extension for SEOs
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Best Free Chrome Extension for SEOs


People are using a digital tool to get a better result and here I am going to tell you the same thing as how an extension can change the result of a page.

Friends, everyone is worried about their website ranking, but they don’t have money or a tool which help them to get a better result. I want to say, that you can use these Chrome extension for your SEO work and you will see by your self that it is very helpful.

By using these extensions your work might be easier.

Best Free Chrome Extension for SEOs

1. SEOquake:-

This SEO tool is free and provides you with many features,  while you analyse your website and this very easy way to work. This tool is made by  “SEMrush” which is also like a Cruze, like where you can get everything which is needed for a good SEOs.

SEOquake provides all-important matrices or data like Alexa Rank, Google Index, Bing Index, website age, website traffic, and also internal link, external link, Semrush ranking value. Now you can say you will get all the thing what a website owner needed to manage a website.

2. MOZ:-

MOZ is also a unique tool and you need to download this tool from your chrome store after that login in it.

This tool will showdown to the search bar and in MOZ bar you can see DA, PA & Spam Score of a website.

In the free version, it will show you these things On-Page Elements, General Attributes, Link Metrics, Markup and Http Status.

Also, you can check the link that what types of a link on your page have and you can know it just click on the pencil icon in the bar. You will see some colours(Green, yellow, etc) and words upon the colour(Followed, External, etc).

You just click on the words with the help of your mouse, it will highlight that links by itself and that links will show in specific colour what you will in the bar.

You will also see a page optimization icon but this a paid feature.

3. Grammarly:-

At this time it is also very important and by my thinking, it is very helpful for everyone. This tool is basically used for grammar correction but at this time it also autocorrects the word if you press enter.

If you worried about grammar correction and word correction then this is the best tool for you. In its free plan, you will get lots of features but if you have need of more suggestion than you can use Grammarly paid version.

4. Awesome screenshot:-

This Chrome extension is used for screenshot and screen recording. This is the best tool for those who write blogs, teachers or the other professional who need to share information about a website or news in their blogs or with the student.

5. SEO Minion:-

It is the tool which gives you on page information in a few time. This tool analyses the following item…

Analyze on-page SEO

Highlight All Links

         Check Broken Links

          Hreflang Checker

           SERP Preview

           Google Search Location Simulator

By using this tool you can easily analyze your competitor website and after you can implement it on your website. This tool probably you can call it as Best Free Chrome Extension for SEOs in 2020

6. SimilarWeb:-

Just like its name, it shows similar website related to those industries. It shows some statistics like Global Rank, Country Rank, Category Rank, Bounce Rate, Pages per Visit, Monthly Visits, Avg. Visit Duration. It will also show traffic source and percentage of the traffic come from those sources.


7. Keyword Surfer

If you are worried about keyword idea then this tool is going to help you find the best keywords for your online business or blog. It will suggest you keyword related to your niches and its search volume, also show the similarity percentage to that keyword what you have searched for.

8. Page Analytics:-

This tool is made by Google. Google Analytics is the tool that gives you every information related to your website traffic like Unique Pageviews, Avg. time on page, Bounce Rate, and Number of active visitors, in real-time.

Google Analytics in web-browser when you access it, it gives you real-time statics for your website traffic and it also provides you analysis regarding your website user. 

9. Google Page Speed insight score

This Google page speed extension provide you to check your website speed score in less time.

It is very to so you need to download it after that click on the extension it will show you, your website computer, mobile page speed and also shows the mobile-friendly score, which also very important.

It will also provide a suggestion regarding your website page speed so it could be easy to improve that mistake which slowing your website speed.

10. Check my Links

This Chrome extension gives you very reliable work regarding check your website links. It gives you a very easy option to check your website links. This is a time saver for those who can not identify or analyse their website on-page and it links.

This tool scans your webpage just a single click and gives you information that links are working properly and is there not any broken links.

11. WooRank

WooRank Chrome extension provides you on-page SEO analysis result. It instantly provides a deep review of the website-on and off-site site data to give a complete picture of a website’s optimization. After the analysis, it gives the suggestion that means what improvement needed in your website.

This type of data analysed by this extension is – Search engine optimization, Structured data, Mobile-friendliness, Usability, Website technologies, Backlinks, Social media and Website traffic


So here you learned about Best Free Chrome Extension for SEOs which uses very commonly while you do SEO, keyword research, writing any blog and website analysis. I personally use some of them. 

For any query, you can contact us or comment in the comment box. Thank you




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