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A business listing or local listing is very important for every business and in the current scenario, many people are making their business online, so it’s important that every business reach their target customers, and it will be possible with a local listing.

You can find many free business listing sites for India and other countries. In the business, you need to add your business details like:-


  1. Your business title/Name
  2. Your business Address
  3. Your business Phone number
  4. Your business Website URL
  5. Your business Categories
  6. Your business Description
  7. Your business Tagline
  8. Your business Social profiles
  9. Your business Images
  10. Your business Payment options

These are the basic things that you need to consider while you doing the business listing.

What is the benefit of business listing?

At this time (2024), people are searching most of the things on the net which they needed in day-to-day activity, and your business will show to all the users when you list your business on popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc

  • When you add your business to the business listing, the listing site has its own traffic that boosts your website or business online presence.
  • If the authority of the site is good then you will get a good backlink which helps to increase your website authority.
  • Every business listing sites cover a particular area and if you add your business in that location listing then you can increase reach with particular location people.

Top 5 Business Listing Sites in India


This is one of the most popular business listing sites in India, with over 200 million listings across various categories. It offers a wide range of services including business listings, classifieds, and local search.


This is one of the largest online B2B marketplaces in India, connecting buyers and suppliers across various industries. It offers a wide range of services including business listings, product catalogs, and trade leads.


This site focuses on connecting consumers with local service providers across various categories such as home services, personal services, and education services.


This is one of the most popular B2B marketplaces in India, connecting buyers and suppliers across various industries. It offers a wide range of services including business listings, product catalogs, and trade leads.

Yellow Pages:

This is a well-established business directory that allows businesses to create listings and showcase their products or services to potential customers. It covers a wide range of industries and has a comprehensive database of businesses in India.

Here, we added 250 free business listing sites in India

NO. Business Listing
1 https://www.google.com/business
2 https://www.bingplaces.com
3 https://www.smallbusiness.yahoo.com/local-listings
4 https://www.trustpilot.com
5 https://craigslist.org
6 https://mapquest.com
7 https://www.yellowpages.com
8 https://www.angieslist.com
9 https://www.snapdeal.com
10 https://www.tradeindia.com
11 https://biz.prlog.org
12 https://www.sulekha.com
13 https://www.indiamart.com
14 https://www.apsense.com
15 https://www.merchantcircle.com
16 https://www.justlanded.com
17 https://www.bizcommunity.com
18 https://e27.co
19 https://www.thumbtack.com
20 https://gust.com
21 https://www.businessworld.in
22 https://www.reviewcentre.com
23 https://www.sitejabber.com
24 https://www.thetoptens.com
25 https://yellowpages.webindia123.com
26 https://www.fixr.com
27 https://www.myntra.com
28 https://www.insiderpages.com
29 https://www.local.com
30 https://www.indiacom.com
31 https://www.mouthshut.com
32 https://www.americantowns.com
33 https://www.communitywalk.com
34 https://www.hoobly.com
35 https://www.yellowbot.com
36 https://www.chamberofcommerce.com
37 https://www.hotfrog.com
38 https://lbb.in
39 https://www.exportersindia.com
40 https://www.ezilon.com
41 https://botw.org
42 https://www.brownbook.net
43 https://www.elocal.com
44 https://in.ezilon.com
45 http://connect.releasewire.com
46 https://ezlocal.com
47 https://index.co
48 http://prsync.com
49 http://www.salespider.com
50 http://www.salespider.com/claim-your-business-for-free
51 https://www.cybo.com
52 http://tupalo.com
53 https://briefingwire.com
54 https://ibegin.com
55 https://www.startus.cc
56 https://www.clickindia.com
57 https://directory.edugorilla.com
58 https://www.referralkey.com
59 https://www.lacartes.com
60 https://citysquares.com
61 http://ebusinesspages.com
62 https://www.callupcontact.com
63 https://www.agreatertown.com
64 https://www.finduslocal.com
65 https://www.trepup.com
66 https://www.zaubacorp.com
67 https://www.traderscity.com
68 http://www.expressbusinessdirectory.com
69 http://cpadirectory.com
70 http://lekkoo.com
71 http://www.twenty19.com
72 https://www.whodoyou.com
73 https://www.opendi.us
74 https://whofish.org
75 https://www.hotfrog.in
76 https://www.bizvotes.com
77 https://www.cityfos.com
78 http://myhuckleberry.com
79 https://www.surfindia.com
80 https://www.wiseradvisor.com
81 https://traiborg.com
82 http://yoomark.com
83 http://kugli.com
84 https://wowcity.com
85 http://www.tupalo.net
86 https://www.bizhwy.com
87 https://www.fullhyderabad.com
88 http://www.40billion.com
89 https://www.find-us-here.com
90 https://www.wherezit.com
91 https://www.go4worldbusiness.com
92 https://www.fyple.com
93 http://indianceo.in
94 https://www.learnpick.in
95 http://mysheriff.net
96 https://www.indianyellowpages.com
97 https://www.csslight.com
98 https://www.fundoodata.com
99 https://www.freelistingindia.in
100 https://6qube.com
101 https://www.biznet-us.com
102 http://www.akama.com
103 http://cityinsider.com
104 https://www.freeadstime.org
105 https://www.grotal.com
106 http://routeandgo.net
107 https://www.zoompo.com
108 http://www.citybase.com
109 https://getfreelisting.com
110 https://www.igotbiz.com
111 https://indiabizclub.com
112 http://www.designfirms.org
113 https://www.yalwa.in
114 https://www.myezbz.com
115 https://adsansar.com
116 http://indiacatalog.com
117 https://bizsheet.com
118 https://justfindus.in
119 https://www.zipleaf.com
120 https://www.zipleaf.us
121 http://in.ypgo.net
122 https://www.indiabook.com
123 https://www.pitnit.com
124 https://www.localstore.net
125 https://www.jobiba.com
126 https://www.postallads4free.com
127 http://admin.cylex.in
128 http://cylex.in
129 http://a4add.com
130 https://www.gomylocal.com
131 http://adfreeposting.com
132 https://www.dealerbaba.com
133 http://indiayellowpages.com
134 https://www.eindiabusiness.com
135 https://bigwigbiz.com
136 https://www.jantareview.com
137 https://www.ncrcities.com
138 https://www.yelu.in
139 http://dialindia.com
140 http://mysheriff.co.in
141 https://www.makeitlocal.com
142 https://www.business-startpage.com
143 https://www.onefdh.com
144 https://south-delhi.infoisinfo.co.in
145 http://startlocal.in
146 https://www.infoisinfo.co.in
147 http://bgyellowpages.com
148 https://buckeyeads.com
149 https://www.localnoggins.com
150 https://www.onestopb2b.com
151 https://wadline.com
152 https://bizdays.com
153 http://placereference.com
154 https://www.dueclix.com
155 http://adoak.com
156 http://localbiziness.com
157 http://orapages.com
158 http://www.elcraz.com
159 https://busylisting.com
160 http://zoomlocalsearch.com
161 http://accountant-finder.com
162 http://www.garagecommerce.com
163 http://www.jsdirectory.com
164 http://ratefame.com
165 http://jimyellowpages.com
166 https://www.quponing.com
167 https://infoline.com
168 https://www.wikiocity.com
169 https://aaspaas.com
170 https://www.bizzduniya.com
171 https://vcsdata.com
172 https://www.linkbyme.com
173 https://beautybythebatch.com
174 https://www.h1ad.com
175 http://onlyuncle.com
176 http://www.nextbizdoor.com
177 https://www.nextbizthing.com
178 http://imclassified.com
179 https://addyp.com
180 http://www.freeadshare.com
181 https://indyapages.com
182 https://www.indiae.in
183 http://additmore.com
184 https://wwww.uescort.com
185 http://bizghost.com
186 https://insideracademy.in
187 http://yellowpages.in
188 https://us-business.info
189 https://www.giganticlist.com
190 https://www.vanik.com
191 https://www.advertiseera.com
192 https://www.findermaster.com
193 http://sugarreviews.com
194 https://www.biz15.co.in
195 http://thelinkindia.com
196 https://paperdoor.in
197 http://clickblue.in
198 https://www.placelookup.net
199 http://entireindia.com
200 https://bharathlisting.com
201 https://www.insuranceagencylinkdirectory.com
202 https://www.accountingmatch.com
203 http://indiaontrade.com
204 http://hometownandcity.com
205 http://mybizhound.com
206 https://www.zipleaf.in
207 https://www.thegospelgrid.directory
208 businessdirectory.bizjournals.com/
209 homeadvisor.com/
210 manta.com
211 business.com/directory/
212 mumbrella.com.au
213 2findlocal.com/
214 mumbrella.com.au/
215 yellowpages.com/
216 sulekha.com
217 dmoz.org/
218 superpages.com/
219 opentable.com/
220 websites.ca
221 thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/
222 foursquare.com
223 patch.com/
224 indiamart.com
225 apsense.com
226 independent.co.uk/
227 e27.co
228 justlanded.com/
229 yell.com/
230 citysearch.com/
231 urbanspoon.com/
232 businessworld.in
233 merchantcircle.com/
234 manta.com/
235 merchantcircle.com
236 yelp.co.uk/
237 bizcommunity.com
238 gust.com
239 toronto.com/toronto-directory/
240 whitepages.com/
241 zoominfo.com/
242 ijnet.org
243 wallethub.com
244 priceline.com/
245 yellowpages.webindia123.com
246 virtualtourist.com/
247 thumbtack.com/
248 avvo.com/
249 yellowpages.ca/
250 insiderpages.com/
251 findthebest.com/
252 sitejabber.com
253 myntra.com
254 reviewcentre.com
255 thetoptens.com
256 frommers.com/
257 caring.com/
258 vitals.com/
259 192.com
260 metromix.com/
261 fixr.com/
262 classiccars.com/
263 hopstop.com/
264 carsforsale.com/
265 hotfrog.com/
266 truelocal.com.au/
267 repairpal.com/
268 spafinder.com/
269 justdial.com
270 yext.com/
271 beauty.com
272 networx.com/
273 cylex-uk.co.uk/
274 yellowbook.com/
275 switchboard.com/
276 gazette.partners.local.com/
277 local.com/
278 dealerrater.com/
279 partners.local.com
280 local.com
281 mouthshut.com
282 view.co.uk
283 yellowbot.com/
284 radarfrog.gatehousemedia.com/
285 americantowns.com/
286 wellness.com/
287 brownbook.net/
288 gatehousemedia.com/
289 brownbook.net
290 yellowbot.com
291 spoke.com
292 chamberofcommerce.com/
293 projectwedding.com/vendor/reviews

Before adding your business to any business listing sites, make sure that you have all the content which I have discussed earlier in the blog.


  • Always list your business in the right category if you choose the wrong category then your website not benefited from it, also the site owner(business listing) might remove your website from the listing.
  • Use proper images while listing, like your business Logo and Cover image.
  • Know important things for business listing 


If you are a business owner, then I suggest that you should choose a good SEO service provider that boosts your business presence on the internet. And if you are an SEO service provider, then do proper work for your client.

Increase your business in the team of profit and market presence by listing your business online.

Thank you for reading this and if you want to give any suggestions regarding the business listing sites in India. please write a comment, or you can mail me your details.

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FAQ on Business Listing Sites in India

What are business listing sites in India?

Business listing sites in India are online platforms where businesses can create a listing and showcase their products or services to potential customers. These sites typically include information such as the business’s name, address, phone number, website, and reviews from customers.

How can I create a listing on a business listing site in India?

Creating a listing on a business listing site in India is typically a simple process. Most sites will have a form that you can fill out with your business’s information, such as your name, address, phone number, and website. Some sites may also require you to provide a description of your business and upload photos or videos.

What are the benefits of creating a listing on a business listing site in India?

Creating a listing on a business listing site in India can help your business get found by potential customers who are searching for products or services in your area. Additionally, these sites often allow customers to leave reviews, which can help build trust and credibility for your business.

Are there any costs associated with creating a listing on a business listing site in India?

Are there any costs associated with creating a listing on a business listing site in India?
Many business listing sites in India allow businesses to create a listing for free, but some may charge a fee for more advanced features such as premium listing options.

Are there any rules or guidelines that I need to follow when creating a listing on a business listing site in India?

Are there any rules or guidelines that I need to follow when creating a listing on a business listing site in India?
Each business listing site will have their own set of rules and guidelines that you need to follow when creating a listing. It is important to read and understand these guidelines before creating your listing, to ensure that your listing is in compliance with the site’s terms of service.

Can I edit or update my listing on a business listing site in India?

Yes, you can usually edit or update your listing on a business listing site in India. The process for doing so will vary depending on the site, but you should be able to access your listing and make changes to your business’s information.

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