Business Listing Sites in India

Business Listing Sites in India

A business listing or local listing is very important for every business and in the current scenario, many people are making their business online, so it’s important that every business reach their target customers, and it will be possible with a local listing.

You can find many free business listing sites for India and other countries. In the business, you need to add your business details like:-


  1. Your business title/Name
  2. Your business Address
  3. Your business Phone number
  4. Your business Website URL
  5. Your business Categories
  6. Your business Description
  7. Your business Tagline
  8. Your business Social profiles
  9. Your business Images
  10. Your business Payment options

These are the basic things that you need to consider while you doing the business listing.

What is the benefit of business listing?

At this time (2021), people are searching most of the things on the net which they needed in day-to-day activity, and your business will show to all the users when you list your business on popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc

  • When you add your business to the business listing, the listing site has its own traffic that boosts your website or business online presence.
  • If the authority of the site is good then you will get a good backlink which helps to increase your website authority.
  • Every business listing sites cover a particular area and if you add your business in that location listing then you can increase reach with particular location people.

Here, we added 200 free business listing sites in India
2Bing Places
104Google my business

Before adding your business to any business listing sites, make sure that you have all the content which I have discussed earlier in the blog.


  • Always list your business in the right category if you choose the wrong category then your website not benefited from it, also the site owner(business listing) might remove your website from the listing.
  • Use proper images while listing, like your business Logo and Cover image.
  • Know important things for business listing 


If you are a business owner, then I suggest that you should choose a good SEO service provider that boosts your business presence on the internet. And if you are an SEO service provider, then do proper work for your client.

Increase your business in the team of profit and market presence by listing your business online.

Thank you for reading this and if you want to give any suggestions regarding the business listing sites in India. please write a comment, or you can mail me your details – info at tdigitalguru[dot]com.

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