Cloudflare Free SSL Easy Setup Guide

Cloudflare Free SSL Easy Setup Guide
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Cloudflare Free SSL Easy Setup Guide

Note:- Before doing change in your website make a backup of that thing for any other issue in the future.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL certificate is called “Secure Sockets Layer” and it is probably started in use in 2014 with the Google Algorithm update HTTPS/SSL Update  —  (August 2014).

At the present time many people are using online service and every time they share some information that probably private or very useful for them and if someone uses that data without the permission of that person whose data is then it will be very harmful or not good for that person whose data is.

Therefore, Google announced that everyone needs to use the SSL certificate but it is not strictly said to everyone but in the condition of not have an SSL certificate then it might be harmful to your website in terms of website speed and security.

Now we come on Cloudflare Free SSL Easy Setup Guide

Cloudflare is an SSL certificate provider company and here we know about Flexible SSL and Full SSL.

After that, we will know how to set up free SSL

Flexible SSL

Flexible SSL is work just like its name. This Cloudflare SSL encrypts site visitors from Cloudflare to cease customers of your website, however no longer from Cloudflare to your starting place server. This is the easiest method to enable HTTPS because it doesn’t require putting in an SSL certificate in your website file manager or Cpanel and also it is free. But it is not as secure as the other options, Flexible SSL does defend your visitors from a massive magnificence of threats like of public Wi-Fi snooping and ad injection over HTTP.


Full SSL

This Cloudflare SSL mode provides encryption from giving up customers to Cloudflare and from Cloudflare on your beginning or main server. This requires an SSL certificate to your origin server. In Full SSL mode, you’ve got two options for certificates to install in your server: one issued through a Certificate Authority (Strict), one issued by Cloudflare (Origin CA), or a self-signed certificate.


Cloudflare Free SSL Easy Setup Guide

1. Open Cloudflare website

2. Sign in to a permanent Email ID while Sign up.

3. Add your Site for the next step

Cloudflare Free SSL Easy Setup Guide

4. Choose your Plan

here you can 4 option

  •   Free:- This is basically for personal use for a blogger or personal website or who want to know more about Cloudflare and service work.
  • Pro:- Just like its name it for professional work like want to get more security in comparison with free service. it is mainly used by professional website owner or blogger. According to Cloudflare, this service charge is $20/month.
  • Business:- This type of security service is used by small e-commerce websites and businesses requiring advanced security and performance, PCI compliance, and prioritized email support. Its price according to Cloudflare is $200/month.
  • Enterprise:- This security is very secured and therefore, company owner said that for this service you need to talk to them. This provides full support for email, Mobile and chats support.  Every big company dealing with a different type of things in their business therefore this is the best way to secure your big companies information in a very easy way.

Because here you are doing the setup of Cloudflare Free SSL Easy Setup Guide, therefore, you choose the free plan.

5.  After choosing your plan and press enter then it will take 1 to 2 seconds to analyse available website DNS records on your website.

6. Now you will see continue option in the bottom press it.

7. Name Server

Cloudflare Free SSL Easy Setup Guide

You will get two nameservers which are provided by Cloudflare and Cloudflare said to replace it with your exiting nameservers in your DNS record. Now only copy that nameservers one by one and go to your website DNS record (if you are a GoDaddy user then open GoDaddy website, log in your account and go to domain name setting and you will find DNS record).

Now change the name server one by one and save. After that go to Cloud flare website press “verify” button in the bottom of the nameserver.

8. Now you will see that you have successfully verified your website. After this process, it will take 24 hours to enable https security. If your website not opened then wait for some time.

9. Also, change the security system in your website admin panel from Http to Https.

So all the best and if you did not active your SSL certificate then active it because it is very important factors after contact and website design for ranking.

This is all about Cloudflare Free SSL Easy Setup Guide and I wish that you will like it. For any suggestion or query, you can contact me through my email ID or connect me on Facebook or Twitter. 

In the next blog, I will tell you how to active SSL certificate without changing the nameservers of your website.


Thank you.





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