Cool in the summer with Sony Wearable Ac

cool in the summer with Sony Wearable Ac
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Cool in the summer with Sony Wearable Ac

In the lockdown, many people are working home but still, some people go to their office or workplace. In this summer, the heat of the sun is very much, therefore many people get tired but don’t worry because today I am going to tell you about a gadget that can give relief in the hot summer.

The gadgets have a branded labelled brand and that name is “Sony”.

Without wasting time lets start…

An electronic field branded company that launched a new gadget for people who suffer in the summer, but they don’t have any solution for it or don’t have any resource. But this product can solve your problem and the product that we are talking about is the new Sony Reon Pocket, a wearable Air Conditioner (AC). As per the information available, the device is currently available on sale in the market.
One important fact about this gadget is, the gadget announcement was done in the last year 2019 but launched after 1 year.

Some more info, while elaborating about the product, the company said, the device can be kept inside the t-shirt and the t-shirt is specially designed for the product. In a report, we read about it that the wearable AC does not purify and cool the air as a traditional AC. The product work on the rule of “Peltier effect”.

This rule is followed by Thermoelectric coolers and with the rule, the effect creates a temperature difference by transferring heat between 2 electrical junctions.
In our research we found, the company has priced the Reon Pocket AC at 13,000 Yen or about Rs 9,000.

How does it work?

When you wear, you need to put this gadget in the created location. It is connected with an app, which pairs via Bluetooth.
In the app, you will all the control like increase or decrease option. If you want that your gadget automatically adjusts the temperature, for that you can choose an automatic option, instead of manual.
The automatic system work on the sensor that detects the requirement and adjusts the temperature.

The company noted the device also comes with a USB Type-C port to charge the device and that the battery can last up to two hours on a single charge.

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