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Digital Marketing Popular Terms

At present, many people listen about digital marketing or internet marketing agency in their daily life. But the problem is they are not familiar with its name so here we are going to tell you some digital or internet marketing terms that normally use by the digital marketer.

Many people are wanted to know what is digital marketing and how they help in business. Here I will try to solve all the basic problem that may create a problem for you. Here I can assure you that after reading this blog you will complete your beginner level. And at least you can talk to your digital marketer regarding your digital promotion.

What is digital marketing?

By its term, it is clear that it is a marketing technique which is done on the internet and with the use of internet technologies like mobile, Computer, website etc.

Now we talk about its terms…

A/B Testing:-

A / B testing understand as comparing two different things to get a better result, or a simple word called split testing. We refer to a random test process in which two or more variables (web page, page element, etc.) are displayed in different segments of website visitors at the same time to determine which version leaves the most impact and drives business profit.

ALT text(Alternative Text):-

Do you ever realise that how a search engine will show most of the time correct picture of the search name? So this will happen with the help of Alt text which is provided by the website owner. Alt-text is used to describe any image name to the search engine in the form of HTML.

Bounce rate:-

In digital marketing, it is used to analyze the traffic. Marketers by use of this calculate the share of site visitors that leave their website earlier than interacting with other website content. This shows how much time a user spends on your website. A high bounce rate is a signal that the website has some problem regarding website speed or low content. You can check the bounce rate by using GSC and GA.

Black Hat SEO:-

In a simple word, Black hat SEO is an SEO technique in which we use an unethical technique to get higher ranking without much effort on the content. I just want to inform you that google always updating their algorithm to ensure that no one can do wrong things on the Google search engine.  Many people are affected with every update if they are not following the Google algorithm while creating and doing SEO of their website.

CTR(Click Through Rate):-

CTR that means click-through-rate which is used to count the number of click on your ad after seeing it. This method provides an idea about how their ads are working means the higher CTR is the more you are engaging. Marketers use the formula to analyze their ad work by dividing the number of ad clicks by the number of ad impressions (seeing).


Digital Marketers use CPM to measure the cost of an online ad per 1,000 impressions and a thousand represents Roman numeral M(1,000). An impression means the number of time ads displays on the web page. This type of ad is useful for those who wanted to show an ad to increase brand awareness.

CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition):-

CPA also works as per its name that means Cost Per Acquisition or Conversion. Here people will be charged by the advertiser company when their work is done. Suppose you want to get leads or sales or conversion for your business and you choose CPA while advertising, then you are only charged for the results that you want.

CTA(Call To Action):-

It is useful for the consumer to take immediate action regarding purchasing or contact for any service. To create a CTA, you can use chatbot or provide any button for “call”, “Contact Us”, with a hyperlink so that people or user easily connect with you.

Dofollow link:-

It is a link/backlink(Guide on backlink Creation) that indicates to the other website through the hyperlink. A backlink is used to improve your visibility on the SERP. If you have a backlink from a good authority website then it is very good for your website but you have a backlink from a low authority website then it will be harmful to your website in an aspect of ranking.

Google Ads:

Google Adwords now call as Google Ads, It is Google advertising platform. It gives you access to build, manage, and optimize campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords within a single account.

GA(Google Analytics):-

Google Analytics is also a Google’s another free tool to analyze website traffic, ranking, manage how their website is working & how user interacting with your website. This is very useful it also shows you live active user information of your website.

GSC(Google Search Console):-

It is used to index your website by submitting the sitemap of page. So here you can see the status of site indexing, site traffic, and crawl errors. Early it is called as Google webmaster but now it is called Google Search Console.

GMB(Google My Business):-

If you are a SEO person then you must have heard about GMB which also known as Google My Business. It is a very famous platform that use for creating a local business listing and it is very helpful for the local business. You need to understand about Google My Business in detail.

HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol):-

The World Wide Web uses a protocol to define how information or data is formatted and transmitted. It also provides how-to net servers and browsers of essential actions needed to be taken for command response.

When a website is interested in a browser and the “search” button is clicked, the HTTP command is sent to the server. This command tells the server to find the website and send the records for the consumer to be dispatched immediately to the URL or website online.

  • 302 redirect:-
    This redirection method is used to redirect visitors from one page to another page temporally.
  • 301 redirect:-
    It is a method to redirect visitor from one page to other page and it is used for permanent redirect Ex- You own website “” & “” but you want your “” so here you can use 301 redirect method to redirect visitor to
  • 404 error:-
    this error will show when the URL page is not available on the net or page URL changed.

HTTPS(Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure):-

It is a secure version of HTTP. HTTPS is required because of a security issue, at the time people always worried about their security so in the 2014 google algorithm update google gate update its security issue and in 2017 it started to show “not secure” signal before every link by this people are easily neglect that website which is not secured. This is a digital marketing popular terms.

Keyword stuffing:-

It is like manipulating search engine result by overuse of keyword. In starting many people use this tactic to increase their reach but at present time google updates its algorithm regarding keyword stuffing. If you are still using this technique then my suggestion is to leave it or your website is not shown on the SERP. This is a digital marketing popular terms to insure people.

Meta Description:-

It is very important because it provides a short description of the page in 160 words or fewer. While you search any keyword it will appear below the title tag in the SERP. This is a digital marketing popular terms to tell people how short description is important.

No-follow links:-

Google guidelines state that any link that is unnatural such as a paid press release or a duplicate site should have a no-follow tag. It allows one site to link to another without influencing that site to rank better.

On-page SEO:-

On-page SEO is done on the website for optimizing your website content according to the Google algorithm. This is also very important because it is the main factor for better ranking a website. It is referring to the content and HTML source code of a page that marketers can optimize for better search ranking and results.

Off-page SEO:-

Off-page SEO is done out of your website like creating social media account, backlink, Nofollow links so all the work which you mostly do out of your website is called as Off-page SEO.


PPC refers to Google, or Facebook or Bing paid advertising and marketing. Marketers pay to show ads on different platforms; however, they charged for their ads when people click on the ads. So, if you decide to run Ads, then you need to find the best keywords for your business and enter them into a search engine’s PPC marketing platform. So, on every click, the amount is charged based on the keyword bid amount.


It is a file of command that we give to the search engines crawler that which page needs to be crawled or not crawled. A search engine bot or crawler can read your website’s all information, therefore, we need to provide some instruction that which one is a private page and which is public. In a private page, we use no crawl and no index command.


Do you ever realize or think that when you search anything on the net, you will get a result from a website but when you search the same keyword on the different date you will see another website on the first rank do know why? Its reason is that those websites follow Google Algorithm while they create their website and blog. So this process is called “Search Engine Optimization” means optimizing your website according to the search engine to provide better result to the user. This is a digital marketing popular terms.

SEM(Search Engine Marketing):-

In SEM, we use both techniques means SEO+PPC. SEM is the process by using that we can promote our website or work in both the way like by organic way and paid way.

SERP (Search Engine Results Page):-

When you search something on the search engine, you will get a result that page is called SERP, you can also say, it is an abbreviation of search engine. If you are a digital marketer then you always try that your website or clients website in the first position or top ten positions. This is a digital marketing popular terms.


A sitemap is a file in where you provide information about your web page content and it helps search engine to index your website pages. Therefore, whenever you write a blog or create a new page you need to submit the sitemap or you can say URL of the page. This is helpful for a search engine to crawl your website.

Two type of Sitemap –

  1. XML Sitemap                           2. HTML Sitemap

Title Tag:-

The title tag is like the main name which displayed on search engine results pages as the clickable headline. While you create a title tag try that title tag should be descriptive and use main keywords with an accurate and informative description of the page.

URL(Uniform Resource Locator):-

All the information is stored in WWW so while you search any information you need a keyword or specific address that is called a URL.  Every page has its address so that people can easily access that information. Digital marketing popular terms.

Unique visitors:-

It is counted by analytics to show how your content is connecting with new user and unique visitors is count by its device IP address. If multiple visitors come with the same IP address then it will not count as unique visitors.


It is like model work or draft work of any website. A website developer always creates a wireframe before creating a website so that customer can customize it. This is very helpful for a developer and user because it gives a better result. This is a digital marketing popular terms.

This is all about Digital marketing popular terms.

If you have more important keyword terms then you can comment to me and I will add that digital marketing terms in a few days. Thank you for reading.

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