Elyments An Indian Social Media App

Elyments An Indian Social Media App
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Elyments An Indian Social Media App

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged all the citizens of the Bharat to make an atmanirbhar Bharat. Following the same, India took an ambitious step to ban a complete fifty-nine Chinese apps in the last month which was very big news because the very popular app was banned from India that is TikTok.

Therefore, many marketers and app builders have commenced contributing to the Make in India program and some apps you have seen like Roposo, chingari, etc. Now, a brand-new social media app was launched through the Shree M Venkaiah Naidu Vice President of India and the app name Elyments app.

After its launch, many people are questioning what’s the Elyments app and its origin. If you are questioning the same, then here you can get everything that needs to know about it.

Elyments An Indian Social Media App

You know the important factor of the app is that The app has been made keeping the Indian audiences in mind to be had in 8 different local languages. The app is free, and we could the users make audio and video calls including conference calls.

Elyments’ creators claim that users information end-to-end encrypted so without user’s consent no one can use their information. The app comes to the web market to compete with popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and more. The app has been built by way of over a thousand IT professionals who also are volunteers of the Art of Living, that’s helmed with the aid of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Some Cool features of Elyments An Indian Social Media App

Click Unique and Cool picture:-

If you are an image gig then this app can fulfil your dream because it designs an in-app camera, so you can capture every moment with your circle. It also provides the facility to click the pic on using some advance setting like filters and AR characters.

Chat Service:-

This social media app provides you to keep in touch with friends from across the globe through lag-free, instant messages. You can talk in the one-to-one to any member, if you want to your family or friends in a group then you can create so that you can talk to everyone.  

Audio & Video Call:-

You will also get service of audio and video call function in the app so you can use this app to call anyone. Therefore, you don’t need any other app to use while calling. 

Current news or news update:-

This app provides you service to keep yourself up-to-date by its latest news and events feature. You can choose this service if you want to know what is happening in your circle and every new event. So, the feature could be very good for everyone, especially for the student because they can update their self by using this social media app.


The app available to use in multi-language so that anyone can use this app easily if he/she knows listed regional language, this app maybe provide some other languages in the future update. Presently it supports 8 languages.


The app gets a 4.0-star rating (53k review)on the Google Play Store, the app size is about 57 MB and the app download 1M+ (10,00,000)times.

If in the future the app update then I will also update this blog so that you can easily get the information and if you want to get update related the blog then you can fill the newsletter box with your Email and the box is in the footer section.

I will not use your email id in any other place and the box is secured. Elyments An Indian Social Media App

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