Free Business Listing Sites in India

Free Business Listing Sites in India
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Free Business Listing Sites in India

At this time promoting your business on the local level is very easy, because there are lots of websites which provides you with a free local listing service.

Here we are going to provide you with some of the best websites with high DA(Domain Authority) and it will expand your reach to your desired customers if you use it properly & fill every possible information.

Business Listing shows your following information…

  • Business or Company Name
  • Physical Address with Pin code
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Landmarks and Other Details

And by providing this information people find easy to connect with your business. People always searching for the best service provider but without the information, they are not able to get in touch with popular services’ provider agency or company.

But when you do the listing of your business and if your regular customers review your business on online platform then it will help to boost your ranking & reach.  At present time there are lots of online fraud companies, therefore, people always look and check all the facts related to the business if they find you good, they will connect with you and also suggest other people for that work or service.

The local listing also increases your social profile, build your credibility on online platforms as per your work and your customer’s satisfaction and also help to increase your website traffic in an organic way.

What is the local business listing?

It is an online platform for listing name, address and contact number along with other details. It is a very essential method for online promotion.

Local business listings give extra visibility for your commercial enterprise and every new listing that you create, improve your possibilities of being found online by your niche customers. This method of promotion is very good if you are promoting your business locally and the best place for listing your product or service.

Search engine always provides the ranking, based on your website information and your services. So if you provide better service and easily available for your customer then it will be maximum chances that you rank better 

In a nutshell, enterprise listings can be considered as an internet version of commercial enterprise records in Yellow Pages. There are especially two types of enterprise listings, one is for the precise country and the other one is Global listings. However, both are useful for your business but here we only give you Free Business Listing Sites in India.

So let’s get started…

1. Google My Business(GMB):-

Free Business Listing Sites in India

It is a free service or product from Google. GMB is a free tool for the promotion of your business on google search and google map. It updated day by day and always come up with the new feature.

Now it provides features like you can post a blog, photos of the product, you can do two conversations to your customers by downloading its application and also provide analytics service by use of that you can see your users and their activity on your profile.

GMB also gives you the option to create a free website for your business. There are lots of other features of it and I have already created a blog Benefits of Google My Business 2020

  2. Bing Places:-

Free Business Listing Sites in India

Just like GMB listing, it is also very much helpful for local listing. Everyone knows about the Bing browser but not every startup owner know about Bing places because at this time many people connected with google so people think that it will be better to list your business on GMB.

But I just want to say that at present Bing is also working very hard to expand its reach and money people are starting to using it and it also provides a very easy method to connect with Bing Places.

If you have created your business listing on GMB then you don’t need to get trouble for creating another bing places account so what you need to do is just go to bing place and there you will get the option to authenticate your GMB listing information with Bing Places.

Then just follow the steps and export your information from one local listing to another local listing. If everything right then your account will approve in a few days.  Now you can manage your bing place listing, provide information related to your business and offers.

3. IndiaMART:-

Free Business Listing Sites in India

It also has very much local reach, and it provides free and paid both types of service. When you list your business they will call you for the business promotion and also provide some information. IndiaMart is basically B2B service provider company.

But it connects with Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises as well as individuals. Founded in 1999, the company’s mission is ‘to make doing business easy’. It also provides great security for your business and if you want to customers for your business they will provide you with information about leads related to your business. 

4. Justdial:-

Free Business Listing Sites in India

            It also provides free + paid service. But its account creation and listing process are free and to reach to the maximum customer you need to get its premium plan. It gives you features like location-based leads, promote your business and show your business when people search for your related business.


5. Sulekha:-

Free Business Listing Sites in India

It basically gives service on the paid version. In the free version, you can not add much more things. Sulekha provides lots of features in its premium plan like provide you verified leads and also have a separate app for the service provider.

What should keep while doing business listing?

If you’re questioning about putting in place your business properly in the above mentioned free local business list sites, right here are few quick suggestions to help you.

1. Make a list of keyword relates to your business.

2. Create some tag line for your business.

3. Create some pics that represent your business.

4. Also, have a permanent a number and email id for verification & for your customers.

5. Create a list of services which you provide and their pictures.

Final, points about free business listing sites in India…

In the present time, there are lots of business and service provider agency available in India. They are spending very much money on their business in the promotion. But for those who are not able to spend much money in their business so here I can say that you can use all the above describe free business listing sites in India and increase your business.

We also provide service to verify your business by the help of our local guides. Contact Us

I hope it will help you.


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