Free Digital Marketing Course 2020

Free Free Digital Marketing Course
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Free Digital Marketing Course 2020

Digital marketing or internet marketing is a skill which grows when you do study with practice.

Today many people know about digital marketing or internet marketing and some of them know how digital marketing works and some of them want to learn but which is the best platform for learning.

If you are reading this that means you know about digital marketing little or more, I wanted to say that after reading this you can easily access free basic & advance the course of digital marketing and after doing work on that tactics and technique, you will become a pro digital marketer. I will also tell you some websites name from where you can learn and get a certificate.


1. Ahrefs Academy:-

Ahrefs is the most popular keyword research tool and most of the digital marketer use this tool for keyword research. This academy offers you to get free learning content. It’s all content is in video format and recorded in the English. 

In this Ahrefs course, you will find these topics which are covered

  1. Keyword research
  2. Strategic SEO
  3. Competitive research
  4. Link building
  5. Link acquisition
  6. In this course, you will also get experience because the creators are also very experienced, and they are constantly adding new videos too.

If you are thinking that this course could be taught only about Ahrefs keyword tool then my fried you can get more than of that and you will learn all the important thing which is beneficial for you in marketing learning.

2. Hubspot academy:-

Free Digital Marketing Course
                   Free Digital Marketing Course 

Hubspot Academy is a free online training academy for digital marketing, sales, and customer service professionals. It provides specialize in comprehensive certifications, singular topic courses, and bite-sized lessons for professionals looking to grow their career and business. Approx 180,000+ marketers have passed this certification, which requires takers to pass a 45-question exam at the end of it.

It’s some popular course  are 

Social Media Marketing Certificate Course
 Inbound Marke.
Content Marketing
SEO Training Course
Email Marketing Course

3. Free Digital Marketing Course on Udemy:-

Udemy is a place on the net where you can get lots of online courses free and paid. It’s most of the courses are paid but with time to time, it also provides an offer to get online courses at affordable price.

This digital marketing course is created by Sorav Jain. This course is for everyone, you just need to create an Udemy account and login in Udemy and again come to this site to click on the link and it will directly take you to the course.

It covered in 3 sections • 22 lectures • 5h 45 m total length.

Introduction to digital marketing
Various Module of digital marketing[Introduction]
 A practical digital marketing technique
In this course, you will get theoretical and particles both content. 


4. SEO Training Course by MOZ:-

Free Digital Marketing Course


Free Digital Marketing Course MOZ is famous for its MOZ tool which is useful to check websites DA, PA, & Spam Score. It also provides free learning material which is taught by MOZ founder.

This free SEO course on Udemy teaches by Moz Founder Rand Fishkin, which has a rating of 4.2 and was most recently updated.

Fishkin is so well-known for his whiteboard teaching method. All the videos in the English language.

The 3hr 26 m video & taught nearly 238,890 students.

This course is more theoretical than actionable, so you may want to start with this course before taking the practical type of video if you’re a total newbie to SEO. Click Here.

5. Google Digital Garage:-
Free Digital Marketing Course
Free Digital Marketing Course
 Free Digital Marketing Course 

Google Digital Garage is very famous if you want to be a digital marketing expert and you need a certificate of an authorized digital company then you can get from here means, from Google. In this course, you will get 26 modules to learn, all created by Google trainers after completion of the course you will get the certificate.

6. PPC University

PPC University is well known for its free teaching by WordStream.
Here you will learn about PPC advertising, which is also called pay per click. This course is for all people that it can choose by a beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This course structure is like PPC 101, PPC 102, and Advanced PPC.


All this information is for Free Digital Marketing Course. All the above-provided name good in terms of learning if you are searching for Free Digital Marketing Course then this is the right place. 

In the future, I will suggest you some YouTube channel that is useful for the digital marketer and I will also try to give both language content like Hindi and English. If anyone wanted to know a Free Digital Marketing Course in Hindi then please write a comment another  I am going to cover Hindi course material in the next blog. 

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