Full Guide to Start Freelance Work

Full Guide to Start Freelance Work
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Full Guide to Start Freelance Work and contract Work

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Today we will talk about freelancing that how you can decide which field is better for you and how you start freelancing also what other things are required to be successful in freelancing.

Let’s talk about some points that you need to understand with the perspective of the current situation…

So, when you listen to someone that he/she working as a freelancing, you might think that what is freelancing and one more question also comes in your mind that without going anywhere how he/she manage their work.

Here, you need to be clear that freelancing is the only working method, which gives you the facility to work from your home without going anywhere another if you go out somewhere you can earn money there also, through your laptop to your phone.

Full Guide to Start Freelance Work blogs your first step is…

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a new working culture just like jobs and in the freelancing, you will get work on the contract basis from the company.

You know, in freelancing you can charge money as per your work and effort.


Full Guide to Start Freelance Work:-

1. Create a list of your skills and interest:-

In the present, on the web, there are lots of work and you can choose your work as per your interest.  So, do the research on your desire topic and their subtopic Ex:- I am working as a digital marketer but in digital marketing, you will find  SEO, Email Marketing, Google Ads, etc. Works.

Now, create the list work in that you are skilled, also create the list in which you’re interested. 

2. Test your skills:-

To test your skills, you have two options, one is “examination” and second is “work sample”.

But in the freelance, the exam is not the key point to get the work, but your experience & work gives your result.

So, get the low budget work and use that work’s results as your experience, as much as you have work, you will get more recognition that will help you to get more work in the future.

3. Collection of the tools:-

Now, you have a list of your work and you also have some experience. 

Here, the collection of the tool means you have every required tool which might be needed in your freelance work, Ex:- if you are a digital marketer then you must have Laptop, PC, Mobile, tablet and internet connection or you are a photographer then you have a camera and  PC.

So, the more you have tools, the more efficient the work you can do. But remember that don’t waste too much money before start perfect work, like you bought everything but you don’t have work so it is a waste of money. Therefore, store tools when you think that your work is running well.

4. Create a Map:-

Don’t go with the title, just go with its meaning that is, create your table of work that how much money you want in starting because you are a beginner so charge less for your work. 

So, you have created your work-list, now add your hourly rate besides your work and create in an Excel sheet or Word file. Also, decide your work time so that you can timely meet your customer.


So, in the Full Guide to Start Freelance Work, you know about basic this, Now more important things start…

1. Promote yourself:-

You have all the things that can make you as a freelancer but you don’t have work and do you listen to one proverb” जो दिखता है, वही बिकता है|” do you know why I write it in Hindi because I thought it impacts more what I am going to tell you.

 Consider these things to promote your self…

  1. Create social media account:- Social media is a platform that gives you more reach than real world because, through social media, you can connect with more related to your niche or topic. 
  2. Social Media sites:- Some popular social media sites that you should use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Quora. All the above name are good to promote your self on the internet and make yourself as a brand in a few years.
  3. Connect with customers:- After creating an account on these sites, connect with your desired customers and try to give them free advice or offer letter so that they will remember you, talk to your customers and your field expert.
  4. Post blogs:- On your social media sites, try to write blogs on your niche so that people get knowledge about your work and work culture. Also, try to solve other’s problem by this you can create a good image that is beneficial for your business.

From where you can get freelancing work…

On the net, you will get many sites but not everyone is good but here I am going to tell some sites names that will useful for you.

A. Up Work

B. Fiverr

C. Freelancer

D. PeoplePerHour

E.  Latium

These are famous websites from where you can get your freelance work.

This is all about Full Guide to Start Freelance Work and if you are working as a freelancer and you want to give any suggestion then you can write in the comment section and will add that point in the blog.

Thank you for reading “Full Guide to Start Freelance Work” blog. I have also written some other blogs on different topic if you want to read follow this link Blog.


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