Get Rid of Low Ranking Once and For All

Get Rid of Low Ranking Once and For All
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Get Rid of Low Ranking Once and For All

Get Rid of Low Ranking Once and For All

Get rid of low ranking

You’ve optimized your pages written in delightful name tags, created a fabulous description to attract clicks, used your target keyword in your content with similar words, and your content is good, like superb.

As a way as you’re concerned you’re doing everything you could on that page to say to Google “This is relevant content material!” But, cause of some mistake, you’re now not ranking.

But what has changed is that this little thing referred to as content material marketing. Around the time of the original Google Panda update, plenty of organizations and brands ultimately sold into the idea that content is king.

They commenced creating all styles of content – a number of it become great, but most of it was average, far underneath average, or simply outright terribly. Today, masses of content is being published, however, the maximum of it isn’t very useful. A lot of it’s far redundant.

Most probably you write and publish the blog as per your routine. And maybe you publish a video and report related to statics. But this I just want to say that this is not enough to rank and can fix your spot on search engines.
Instead, you need to create content material in step with a rigid and helpful content material advertising and marketing calendar. Add due dates to your content material and this can help keep you on schedule; and
Frankly, the extra content you create, the better, so as long as if you create better content then you will never have a problem with lack of content.

You in all likelihood already know, for instance, that I write quite a few weblog posts on my own. I can regularly even finish three or four a day if I’m certainly focused.
This is just because I’ve had a variety of practice, though.
After a piece of time, you’ll be able to do the equal thing.

That’s why I put some list collectively of the most ordinary ranking errors that entrepreneurs make and the way to fix everyone.

Let’s get started…

Audit your website content

Basically as per the need and profit content can be  divided into three forms like

  • A content that generates profits.
  • That content which is neutral for a website that means no profit no loss just fill the space.
  • Content that affects our website ranking in the wrong way.
While audit your website content follow these steps…
  1. Use the proper amount of content and the content length should be more than 700 words.
  2. Title tag: Use title that grab attains of the reader.
  3. Meta Description:- While writing meta keyword keep in mind that use at least one time targeted keyword and also write in proper length what search engine has described.
  4. Try to use an image with their ALT tag.
  5. Use inbound and outbound links. It is also very helpful to rank your website and your websites all pages will easily crawl by the crawler.
  6. Find the broken links.
  7. Find all bad links because bad links are like a virus they ruined your work that affects your SERP result.
  8. Equal use of HTML code and text.

All of these above points are very important.

Site Content

Just like other things your website content is also important and very important.  Without content proper content is look like tea without sugar.

So, after completion of your content but the reality is that you never say that your website content is complete. After writing the proper amount of content just check that it is accurate and can view on the mobile phone properly because most of the reader to user come from mobile device.

Look your content type and its importance like it is question & answer type content, easy to read and understand by user and people can share it with others.

While you writing any content try to visualize your user because what you write that read by a human so don’t try to impress the system.

If possible then do not use an unknown word like that word which not commonly used.

Check Duplicate Content

If you have recently updated content material for your website online and a tremendous amount of content material is found to be copied, then it could negatively have an effect on your website rankings; and
You have recently created a new page for your web page and the newly created pages have its content that is similar to other pages of your website like its name and other things, then that might also be considered by search engines crawler as copy content.

A copy content main issue of ranking that means copy content can harm your website ranking.

To identify copy content, use an on-page audit tool to know the copy content.

Register with local search engines if locally want to improve your business.

AMP(Accelerate Mobile Pages):-

If you are using AMP for your website then use very carefully because a website will get affected if you will not solve the issue. 

  1. Your website ranking is down on SERP then you just solve the problem don’t change the URL of your website because whenever you change your website URL google can take it as a new page and if the content is same then it can affect your ranking.
  2. If you required to change your website URL then just use redirection method 301 to permanently redirect your old URL to a new URL.
  3. In your website always try to publish new and useful content so that people will love your website that also improve your website ranking.
Use HTTPS instead of HTTP:-

From starting search engine special Google did not notice to SSL certificate but at present time Google search engine giving priority to that web page. HTTPS shows a secured web page symbol and user will assure that they are using a secured website. If you don’t have SSL certificate just write a comment in a comment box. I will also post a blog on the SSL certificate.

Local Search Engine:-

Local Search Engine is very important if you wish that your website is shown locally. Google My Business is the best place to promote your business online without money. Just provide your basic information related to your company & product. 

Connect your website to Social Account:-

If you have created a website and want to generate traffic for your website then Social sites are very useful.

The Best social websites are Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram. If you did not create an account on these social sites then you are missing a very big thing. 

On social sites, peoples are available maximum time and people always look for a new and creative thing.

Therefore, here you can engage with people and share your website information and work easily.


No one is perfect just your hard work can make you successful but after, you always need to do research related to your niche. Further info you can contact us






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