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Nowadays, people prefer to choose the instant solution for every task. Whether the thing is to shop for food, clothing, or medicines, all the tasks can be done through mobile apps. Therefore more and more entrepreneurs are trying to get their hands on such multi-service applications. The multi-service app makes it easy for people to shop for anything and anywhere with just a few easy steps. Before you get your app platform, it is necessary to understand why the Gojek clone model is the ideal solution for multi-purpose businesses and how it can actually benefit you. 

All About the Gojek Clone 

Gojek clone is a mobile application making people’s everyday life easier. In this digital era, everyone now has a smartphone by which people can utilize online services. According to Statista, 6567 million smartphone users were recorded in 2022. With a smartphone, smart mobile applications are also in trend to add, for example, multi-service applications. Multi-service mobile apps are smart enough to shop for various stuff under one platform. 

At first, we have to scroll through various applications to accomplish online tasks. Such as, there was one app for food, one for clothing, one for meds, one for gifts, one for video streaming, and one for additional services. But not anymore. We can execute all the tasks by downloading only one application, thanks to the technology that made our daily life easy with the invention of multi-service applications. 

Gojek clone is nothing else but a multi-service application by which one can utilize the meal service, delivery services, healthcare services, payment services, entertainment, and more. The primary goal of the Gojek clone is to provide a one-stop solution to users and entrepreneurs. 

Why is Gojek Clone the On-demand Solution for Entrepreneurs?

Yes, entrepreneurs can get various benefits by launching a Gojek clone for their multi-purpose business. Check out some of the below, 

The Rise of Mobile App Technology  

From online shopping for clothing to getting home cleaner online, we are somewhat addicted to using mobile applications for everyday assignments. If all kinds of services are available online, then people will prefer online shopping instead of in-store shopping. According to the reports, 255 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2022. Presently it makes it necessary to open your online store so that you can cover consumers who prefer to shop online. Hence Gojek clone stands for the best solution to serve the online audience. 


Gojek clone is the multi-service model that allows entrepreneurs to avail various services under one brand name. It offers diversity to introduce several goods and services under the application. It works in three major components – delivery service, transportation services, and other on-demand services. Under these three sections, you can offer several sub-sections to expand your product chains.  


The Gojek clone is an all-clear and transparent platform. The software owner got full access to monitor every task running on the app. It means each service, order, merchant, delivery partner, and transactions are recorded on the platform, making a secure environment for the admin. Not only that, but you can also analyze consumer behavior so you can get to know which services should be implemented. 

Low Investment & High Profit 

The multi-service platform is truly the low investment model to gain high profit. But how? As the name suggests, it’s the platform to offer multiple services. Therefore your business is not going to rest on a single business niche. The more products and services you will provide, the more profit you can gain. 

Digital Perks

By taking your multi-service business online, you can get many digital perks. We all know the Gojek clone is the trendy model of the on-demand economy. Hence, by launching your multi-service platform, you can be trendy in the industry and give tough competition to your competitors. This platform also allows you to grow your brand visibility in the market. 

Efficient Use of Resources

The efficient use of resources is a definite boon for entrepreneurs to get the Gojek clone. For delivery and transportation, drivers are the hierarchy to complete the tasks. So now you can utilize the human resource of drivers for delivery and transportation purpose. In the same way, you can utilize the same vehicles for delivery and transportation tasks. 

Manage Stuff Under One Platform

All entrepreneurs can relate to the thing when one has to manage different services in different locations, whether it’s a physical store or an online store. Suppose you have a separate app for food delivery and transportation. Then it will be a truly tough task to manage and monitor the separate software. But with the Gojek clone, you can efficiently manage all the services under one platform. Which will initially save time, and the handling process will be straightforward. 

A Prebuilt Solution that Saves Time

Building a mobile app from scratch is indeed a costly and time-consuming process. But what can you do instead? Well, you can purchase a prebuilt or readymade solution of Gojek clone. Development companies out there are inventing a prebuilt multi-service app like Gojek. Hence all you have to do is to purchase the solution. Since such prebuild models are customizable; therefore, you can customize all the app features, products, app systems, and more according to your recommendations. 


As a consequence, we can say that the Gojek clone is a cost and time-saving solution for entrepreneurs to acquire. 

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Some Advanced Features to Add On 

Here is a list of some advanced features you can integrate into your multi-service app to create a safer and more convenient environment for users. 

  • You can implement the feature of users’ location tracking by their friends or family members. 


  • Add on the COVID-19 protocols so that drivers and passengers both can be protected. 


  • OTP verification is an essential system to verify real users. Therefore it’s a must-have feature to add on.  


  • Online video streaming is a beneficial feature for those who have tight schedules. Therefore, they can get online video consultations for several services through this feature. 


  • You can add the feature of converting foreign currency into local currency so tourists can easily access your transportation services. 


  • Pre-booking feature also makes it essential to integrate into the app for users who are struggling with busy plans. 

How Multi-Service Apps Can Benefit You to Earn More Money? 

Whether you select a physical or online store to launch your business, the ultimate goal is to make a profit. Now the thing is, how can you earn more money with the multi-service app? You can make a good profit with these revenue streams, which are; 

You can charge a specific amount to merchants and delivery partners who wish to serve on your platform. Therefore whenever a merchant makes a sale, you can get a commission, and the same when delivery partners complete the delivery or transporting task, you can get the specific commission. 

Second, you can earn money through delivery charges from consumers. Whenever a customer buys goods from your app and chooses home delivery, you can charge them a specific delivery amount that will initially be your quick profit. You can also create a handsome profit by being an advertisement platform. You can publicize the brands who wish to get fame from your audience, and you can charge them a pretty amount to do so. 

Ending Note 

Launching your Gojek clone is totally a win-win solution to grow your business. You can cut on the extra expenses with the help of a multi-service platform. Subsequently, you can earn a high revenue ratio with such a low investment. In the end, we can say that the Gojek clone is genuinely a boon solution for all the entrepreneurs out there.

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