Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads is a marketing network that allows online advertisers to place ads online for clients’ products or services. When you click on an advertisement on Google Ads, that ad will be shown to Google’s Ads services. When the advertisement is shown to Google’s Ads service, it sends your ad to the relevant Google advertiser.

This allows the advertiser to reach your target audience, and make a significant amount of money. And you know, you can also start making money from Google Ads by placing other ads on Google in a very short time!
Google Ads is an online advertising network that provides you with an efficient, affordable, online way of promoting your business products or services. Make money by marketing, selling or promoting your products, services or other businesses!


Facebook Ads:-                

  Just like Google Ads’ search ads, the same with Facebook Ads means Paid Social Ads. You know that Facebook has lots of information about our activity. Facebook has information like Name, Age, Schooling Info, Interset, etc. So, whenever you place an Ad on the social platforms, they run the ad to the desired customer.

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads:-

In my opinion, Facebook Ads outperform Google Ads to the point where Facebook Ads are even better in almost all cases compared to Google Ads. From a user point of view, the big advantage is that Facebook has built-in audience targeting, while Google does not.

With audience targeting, Facebook can better guess what ads your target audience might be interested in.

As a result, Facebook can reach users that Google cannot reach. So it can be said that Facebook is much more useful for reaching users with specific target audiences.

However, on the other hand, if your goal is to get more visitors and build your site’s traffic organically, then you should prefer Google Ads. It’s because Google Ads does not have audience targeting, which gives you the opportunity to reach more users, therefore, creates a much more effective funnel.

But there are some cases where both ads are still useful for the purpose of driving traffic. It depends on the exact goal you have, but I will go over a few examples.

How to Decide Which Ads to Use

I mentioned it a few times already that there are multiple versions of Facebook Ads. There is the basic one for a single campaign, and there are many other variations of these ads that help you target users according to behaviour, interests, sources of income, and more.

Usually, you will only see one version of an ad per campaign, but some groups (like hotel booking) can have multiple campaigns running simultaneously. In that case, if you want to target users from one campaign, you should opt for the cheapest one.

However, you can also choose different ads to show. For example, you can have a single, macro, or macro-viral ad.

If you want to target users based on specific interests, you can combine multiple ads with different targeting options (e.g. custom vertical, custom interest, share option).

Another tactic is to mix ads that target different types of people together. For example, if you have an ad to promote online stores, you can also try ads with video and a phone call for more exposure to prospects.

Both the macro and macro-viral ads create a powerful online funnel. I have actually used both in conjunction for my Bed Bath & Beyond Ad Campaign, but it depends on what you need to get achieved.

Note that I would recommend using multiple campaigns for this test as it makes tracking metrics easier, and you will have a broader customer base to target with your new content.

Testing different ad packages

If you would like to test different ad formats for different channels, like display, email, SMS, etc., you can simply set up different ad combinations for each channel (you do not have to be confused about the difference between different versions of the same ad, as they will all end in ‘Ad’).

Let’s assume that you are testing an SMS ad against Display Campaign to get insight into the type of customer behaviour you are targeting.

To set up each campaign, select the desired channel, target channel and campaign options (maximum campaign duration).

There is one thing you should keep in mind – because different campaigns run at different time periods, you have to update your ad after each campaign in order to properly monitor, test and improve on traffic performance.

It can be very difficult to keep the right sequence and timing of these campaigns at the same time.

Thank you, for reading “Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads”.

In the review type blog, we found that Facebook Ads is good on many points, but… but Google is a search engine, we do not forget it and Google has most of the number of user and Google has much reach and google also provide better conversion & on some ads Google gives the best result in comparison with other Ads.

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