How to find low competition keywords

How to find low competition keywords 1
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How to do keyword research in 2020?

If you are still thinking about this question and you still facing problem-related keyword research and keyword placing in your website.
Then you can remove this question from your dictionary by reading this blog.
After reading this blog you can easily rank your page or blog in a few days and I will also tell, how you can index your blog in 24 hours.

Why is keyword important for the ranking of the blog?

A keyword is the main key for your success and if you want to rank, then your keyword should relate to your article or blog.

A keyword plays an important role, therefore, a SEOs always suggest to use focus keyword in your blog in an appropriate ratio. So, while choosing any keyword to check its competitor, keyword difficulty.


Google and other search engines are updating their ranking method, on the net, there are many tools available for keyword research, some of them are paid & some tools are free.

But here I will tell about the free tool and also tell you how you can utilize that very well so that, you can be free from this question “How to find low competition keywords”.

Before starting this. I just need to ask you some question

1. Are you still using the same old technique like create content on a popular blog?

2. Do you use others keyword without any research?

3. What result you will get after using the old technique?

So, I just want to say that if you are still using the same old technique of the keyword research then, it might affect(in a wrong way) you rather than helping you. In present time many bloggers are available on the web and everyone is doing efforts, they can get better results but everyone knows that to get a better result, you need to do hard work and copying content is not hard work.

Before you start doing keyword research please keep this note in your mind…

  1. What is your niche?
  2. Find different categories if available in that Niche.
  3. Find a related name in that niche and make a sheet in Excel.

Step 1. In keyword research:-

So, you know about your target Niche or topic and you have some name related that niche in Excel form.

Open a search engine and search your niche’ related blog in the result you will get some famous or trending blog in your targets niche.

So, when you search a blog, you noticed that google provides you with some suggestion keyword on that topic by that you can get a better result in your target field and all the suggestion term is a keyword so note down that keyword also.

Now, you have a collection of keywords related to your topic.

Step 2. Keyword research tool

On the web, you can find lots of keywords planner tool but here I am going to tell you about the tool which is available for and provide my very famous company and If you read it that how to use it then you don’t need any other tool.

So, let’s start…

The tool is Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner:-

                                          The Google Keyword Planner tool is very famous and it is free of cost.

Google provides many free services and tools for their use but many people think these tools are not useful but my friends I want to say that I did a  poll on the LinkedIn about which keyword planner is good and in that Poll many people voted to Google Keyword Planner, who participate in the pole are digital Marketer.

Many people who are new in the field of research by using Google Keyword Planner they are worried that they are not able to find the keyword planner tool and I also face the same problem but you don’t worry because I will tell you how you can access it.

1. Open Google Ads site and create your Google Ads account. Go to the homepage of your Google Ads account.

Google Keyword Planner

2. Next step is, you can see a section like this and click on the indicated name

Google Keyword Planner

 after clicking on the text, you will see this type of viewGoogle Keyword Planner

now you need to click on the indicated arrow name then you will reach to this location

Google Keyword Planner

Click on the indicated box, after that you will reach the exact location where you can start your keyword research

Google Keyword Planner

In the above picture, you can see a blank box where I have written “1”, here you need to write your target niche keywords which one you have selected earlier in an Excel sheet.

 After every keyword, use common to separate the keyword.

After placing keyword you will find an option of language and location beneath of the keyword placement place, choose your language and location as per your requirement.

Then, you will see the option of entering a domain to use as a filter but if you don’t want to place your URL then you can skip this option and press “Get Result” button.

You will this type of result

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword (by relevance)                      Avg. monthly searches                                                                Competition

See your search keyword                       No. of searches done of the keyword                                         It will tell you usefulness

Now, you need to choose that keyword which has high searches and low competition or medium competition.

After choosing your target keyword, the next step is to find you sub keyword which is used in the content so to choose a sub keyword just look at the result that you can see your target keyword but some other keywords that related to your main topic so take that keyword as your sub keywords.

Thank you for reading this blog. Tdigitalguru a digital marketing agency if you want to want any suggestion or you want digital marketing service contact us.



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