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Google Ads, undoubtedly, stands as one of the most powerful and popular online advertising platforms globally. It presents an incredible chance to engage with potential clients who are actively seeking products or services similar to yours or are interested in topics related to your business. So, let’s explore how Google Ads can effectively support your business objectives without compromising your budget or time.

Here is 5 Ways Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals

1. Boosting Brand Awareness:

A primary benefit of Google Ads lies in its capacity to elevate brand awareness and visibility within your target audience. Through diverse ad formats and features, you can effectively display your brand name, logo, message, and unique value proposition across various Google properties, including Search, Display, YouTube, Gmail, and Maps.

Moreover, utilizing specific keywords, audience targeting and location settings allows you to reach individuals who are most likely to engage with your brand.
For instance, if you run a clothing store, Google Display ads present an excellent opportunity to showcase your banner ads on websites related to fashion, lifestyle, or shopping.

Additionally, Google Video ads enable you to share your brand’s story or product features on YouTube, capitalizing on the platform’s vast user base.

2. Driving In-Person Sales:

If your business has a physical store or location, Google Ads can significantly contribute to driving foot traffic and in-person sales. Through localized campaigns, you can efficiently promote your store across Google Search, Maps, Display, and YouTube. Utilizing location extensions, you can display crucial information like your store’s address, phone number, directions, and operating hours within your search ads. Moreover, employing store visit conversions helps gauge how many users who clicked on your ads actually visited your store.

For instance, if you own a restaurant, employing local campaigns allows you to showcase your menu, offers, ratings, and enticing photos on Google Maps, facilitating easy discovery and navigation to your place. Additionally, location extensions integrated into your search ads provide quick access to your contact details, encouraging potential customers to call or visit your establishment.

3. Driving Online and In-App Sales:

For businesses operating online stores or apps, Google Ads proves instrumental in driving sales across both online and in-app platforms. By employing shopping campaigns, you can effectively showcase your product images, prices, and ratings on Google Search and Shopping. On the other hand, app campaigns enable you to display your app icon, name, and ratings on Google Search, Play, YouTube, and Display. Additionally, tracking conversions helps measure how many users who clicked on your ads completed a purchase or installed your app.

For instance, if you operate an online bookstore, utilizing shopping campaigns allows you to display your books on Google Search and Shopping, where users can compare prices and reviews from various sellers. Simultaneously, app campaigns can promote your app on Google Play, encouraging downloads and exploring your extensive catalog.

4. Driving Phone Sales:

Should your aim be to generate more phone calls from potential customers, Google Ads provides options to effectively drive phone sales. Call-only ads offer your phone number and a call button directly on Google Search. Alternatively, call extensions can be added to your regular search ads. By implementing call reporting, you can effectively track the number of calls received from your ads and their duration.

For example, if you’re a plumber, call-only ads can present your phone number and call button to users searching for plumbing services nearby on Google Search. Integrating call extensions into your search ads provides users with easy access to your website and services.

5. Influencing Consideration of Your Offerings:

Google Ads becomes a valuable tool to influence potential customers to consider your offerings over competitors. Leveraging discovery campaigns allows you to display ads on the Google Discover feed, where users explore content matching their interests.

Remarketing campaigns, on the other hand, re-engage users who have previously visited your website or app but haven’t converted yet. Lastly, responsive search ads dynamically adjust ad headlines and descriptions based on the user’s query and context.

Your enticing travel deals and mesmerizing destinations on the Google Discover feed, capturing the attention of users seeking travel inspiration. Additionally, Remarketing campaigns provide an excellent opportunity to rekindle the interest of individuals who have previously searched for flights or hotels on your website but haven’t made a booking yet.

In Conclusion

Understanding how Google Ads can contribute to your business goals is crucial for harnessing its full potential. Whether it’s enhancing brand awareness, driving in-person or online sales, promoting app downloads, encouraging phone calls, or influencing customer consideration, Google Ads offers a plethora of tools and features to achieve success in the digital advertising landscape.

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