How to Build Brand Driving Brand Engagement

How to Build Brand Driving Brand Engagement

How to Build Brand Driving Brand Engagement

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How to Build Brand Driving Brand Engagement 2021

How to Build Brand Driving Brand Engagement 1
Mark Cuban

“Focus on building the best possible business. If you are great, people will notice and opportunities will appear.”

— Mark Cuban

If you’ve ever watched a really compelling TV series, you’ll have no problem connecting the dots between a compelling storyline, smart, talented actors, and a super cool and unique brand experience.

A strong brand is also something that makes for an awesome and memorable TV experience. And by building a killer brand experience, you’re creating the perfect storm for your brand to stand out from the competition and pull in more and more customers — generating excitement that translates into even more sales.

These things you should consider if you want to stablish your self in the market…

Let’s read the story…

I’ve got a bit of a story to tell about a brand experience that completely revolutionized the way I thought about building a company and maintaining a business.

My story starts about two years ago, when I started delivering all kinds of awesome packages to my customers — including coolers, dollies, other accessories, and even some carbon-fiber packs for running.

It was really cool stuff

I was working out of my house. My wife was pregnant with our first kid, and I was a stay-at-home dad. The wife and kids and I, we became an “Air” family — using our house as our base of operations and a delivery service for coolers and their accessories.

The coolest part about the service was the first time I took the delivery package out for a customer. I carried it up to his front door, rang the bell, and it was such a cool moment to see him get really excited to see what I brought him. It was, in short, the coolest customer experience ever.

The Customer Experience

The cool customer experience was great for a couple reasons.

First, it set a brand tone for our business. As part of this experience, we actually delivered coolers. It was easy for me to deliver to my customer’s house, get him his delivery, and be on my way to do something else (like my family).

That sort of “Amazon-like” delivery service was something I really needed for this project. In the time I took to meet with customers for product ideas, we could have put together a house delivery, too.

Second, that experience for my customer was really cool. The experience itself was awesome and it actually made him happy to get the cooler, as well. That wasn’t always something he could say about an experience he had. At the same time, I was able to use this as an opportunity to showcase some of our actual product, to our customers, in a way that felt fun.

In other words, the cool customer experience did the kind of brand building that we often take for granted. It made us cool! It may not be an easy thing to quantify, but the brand lift was significant.

Business Rewards

That’s a wrap. Now it’s time to back up and say what this cool customer experience has meant for us in the business.

We saw a huge lift in our conversion rates. The cool customer experience helped sell us, in ways that less than “snazzy” and “sexy” products and experiences didn’t. In other words, we got people to convert a LOT faster when they knew we’re cool.

Cool customers may not be the best customers, per se, but they definitely have a knack for turning into gold-mine customers. This has proven true in our own business and, ultimately, it has been true for our customers as well. As a business that had previously struggled to convert those people, we went from about 15% of customers making a purchase to 60%. We’ve come a long way since that old ad campaign, and today we’re well on our way to doubling our revenues. That, along with a bunch of other cool, customer-centric activities, has contributed to a 30+% growth year.

All of that to say: the cool customer experience is the fastest path to growth you’ll find. With all of these powerful levers pulling in the direction of growth, you should be thinking about how to increase your cool factor.

So, my moto to tell story is that you should not give up if you have started anything then you need to wait for some time and work constitutionally.

Because in the 21st century brand is not build only by money, it takes your effort and dedication if you have true value product or service then you can stand in the market. Communicate with me.

Thank you to read How to Build Brand Driving Brand Engagement this and I hope that you like this if you have any suggestion then you can write a comment, it’s my pleasure to read and reply to your comment.

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