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How to create a Search ad
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How to create a Search ad


What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a tool which is to work as Google advertising tools like the search network, display network and YouTube.

When Google Ads Launched?

Google Ads launched in October 2000 at that time, the name of it is Google AdWords but in 2018 Google Adwords name is Google Ads.


Types of Google Ads…

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Video Ads
  • App Ads

Different type of goal you can set in Google Ads…

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Website Traffic
  • Product & Brand Consideration
  • Brand Awareness & Reach
  • App Promotion


Popular term

  • Bidding
  • Campaign Type
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Display Network
  • Ad Extensions
  • Keywords
  • PPC
  • Quality Score

What are the rules, Google follows to show Google Ads?

Keyword:- The Ads will show based on your keyword that you are using in your keyword.

Quality Score:- The quality score of Ads depends on the CTR of the Ads.

Location:- The ads will show on your selected are or location.






Ad Group (Add up to 5 million keywords)

(50 Text Ads)



Let’s create a Search Ads

Open, Google Ads site and if you do not have a Google Ads account, then sign up with your Gmail Account.

After sign up you will reach to the page, where you need to fill the info about your location and Currency details like in which country you live and what type of currency is working dollar ($), Rupee(₹), etc.

The details will never change so be careful while filling up.

Search Ads:-

Search Ads is popular in Ads, and It shows in the SERP just like the normal result with some extra information.

EX:- I search a query related “Internet Marketing Agency in California”


Search Ads Example tdigitalguru

I get this result and the above result with “AD” symbol. So, every time when you have any query you will search a keyword and Google will show you the result as per its available information.

Search Ads Creation:

Open your Google Ads Account

Select your goal that what type of goal you want to achieve that listed here




I selected a website traffic goal for this campaign.

After click on this, a new option automatically open that what type of ads you want to create so here I am going to create a search ad then I select search Ads


After selecting the search Ads option, you need to write your website URL and press continue tab.

Create Campaign Name:- Write a campaign name as your campaign and I try that by each campaign name will be unique so that I can easily search that.

Networks:- After the campaign name, you will see the option that what type of network you want to use to show your ads so here I am creating a Search ad then I only select the Search network not display network.

Location:- In the option, I need to select the location in what location I want to show my Ads, so I can choose a different type of location.

In the location option, I can include and exclude the location

EX:- I want to place my Ads in the Prayagraj, but I know that not all the areas are good for me, so I can exclude that from the location of my ads.

Language:- In the option, I can choose that what type of language user I want to target so here I  am going to target Indian people and in India, most of the people use English and Hindi both in their mobile language.

Budget:- Here, I can choose what amount, I want to spend in one day, so I choose 100 ₹.

 Bidding:-  In this option, you need to decide action and the amount you want to spend on per action.

Like I choose to click and decide that the maximum bid on per click is 10 ₹ so every time when someone clicks on my ad than 10 ₹ will be deducted from my daily budget which I have already selected that 100 ₹.

After this click on the “Save And Continue” tab.

Now, you will reach to the next page where you need to create an ad group, in the Ad Group, you need to write a unique name so that you can recognise in the future if anything you want to improve in the Ad Group.

Keyword:- If you have a keyword list then you can put in the box manually but if you don’t have a keyword list then write your website URL or product or service name and click on the tab “Get Keywords” then your niche related keyword will display there.

After this click on the “Save and Continue” tab. Then you will reach to the next level where you can create your ads.

Create Ads


In the picture, you can see that some option where you need to put information.

  1. Final URL:- In the tab, you need to write your website URL where people or user reach after clicking on the URL.


Heading 1 —————–

Heading 2 ———————-

Heading 3 ­——————

Every heading has a characters limit which is 30 characters. And as per name 1, 2, 3 they get the ranking while your ads will display on the SERP.

Display Path:-  In this option, you can write URL which is shown while your ads will run. This URL is just like to get the attention that visitors will reach only on the destination URL or final URL location.


Description 1 ———————-

Description 2 ———————–

In the option, you write your word using your keyword to attract your user and the characters limit of every description is 90 characters.

Ads URL Option:- In this option, you will get an option to set a tracking template option so that you can a URL on the Google Ads and Analytics to measure your Google Ads work.

To create a tracking template URL, Use this tool

You can use this tool to create the tracking template



After creating the tracking template URL, place your URL and place your final URL suffix.

Now check that your tracking template is working or not. So, click on the test button, and if you see this type of option then you are successful in creating the tracking template URL.



This is all about Search Ads creation.                                   Ashish Kumar Tiwari

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