How to create an E-Commerce Website?2020

E-Commerce Website
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E-Commerce Website(2020)

E-Commerce Website

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce or electronic trade refers to a business type that involves sales transactions being performed on the internet. Virtually every online purchasing website – massive or small – follows this structure. Any website where you could obtain items for the market over the net is considered an e-commerce website.

Types of E-commerce website

B2B(Business to Business)

E commerce B2B Marketing

These E-commerce websites sell products or services to other businesses. Like a mobile manufacturer selling mobiles to any mobile seller. These websites get little traffic than online retailers. A website like, Amazon business, IndiaMART., etc.

B2C(Business to Customer)

This is a regular on-line retailer wherein a business sells to customers. It’s done by business owning its personal e-commerce website promoting its products or services on the market in which premium sellers are present. The numbers of transactions on these sites are high.

C2C(Customer to Customer)

These kinds of E-Commerce websites allow customers to engage with every other and promote items or offerings to every different. However, styles of products available on these sites are first-hand or manufactured ones. These marketplaces may want to have a variety of merchandise ranging from domestic-made merchandise to new products or even matters of antiquity.

How to create an e-commerce website?

Before start to creating a website first thing is to decide your niche, it means which product you would like to sell on your website. You are the owner of your business, so you could pick your enterprise version as per your requirement. And you could sell your product on your website or you could promote your products on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. You can also promote your merchandise on every site as per your need and product type.

Decide your company name and buy a domain name & a hosting from a good service provider.

Procedure to buy domain name & hosting...

  1. Go to a domain name and hosting provider  company like GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost
  2. After sign up, sign in into your account & check your domain name availability so if your domain name is available then purchase it. Sometimes you will not get exact name what you wish to purchase them in the result some alternative name will show related to your keyword so can also purchase that domain name also.
  3. Buy web hosting plan with the domain and most of the time of purchase a domain name and hosting to the same provider then provider company gives domain name in a free.



Now you have purchased your domain name and hosting so the question is how to set up your website… here we have to two option to set up your e-commerce website

  1.  Self-Hosted

While you creating a self-hosted e-commerce website keep these points…

  • Your website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • In an e-commerce website, order and add to cart option is also needed.
  • A website can be accessed from other sources and well optimized.
  • There should be a payment option and if can use then try all the payment option methods.
Step 1-Page Setup Plugin

Install a WooCommerce plugin and Activate it.

After activating plugin set up WooCommerce wizard or enable it’s all function.

Add your product to your store and its description so that people will know about it. Categories each product so that it could be easy for search engine and user to identify your products.

Step 2-Payment method

Use the PayUMoney plugin to set up your payment option. While doing its set up you don’t need to pay anything.

PayUMoney gives all type of payment option for the customer. Easy to set up.

Other plugins are also available for payment method which you can use.

Step 3- Logistic partner

Logistics partner

It is one of the logistics partners and it offers the cheapest courier partners at discounted prices.

Set up it and connect it with your WooCommerce account.

After integration with WooCommerce, now if anyone places an order then Shiprocket will do all things like the message, receiving product and delivery product. All this feature you will get after buying Shiprocket bundle plan.

2. Use SAAS(Software As a Service)

SAAS or Software As A Service is a version delivering software program on a subscription basis. It is all cloud-primarily based and hence, you could get right of entry to the software program using your internet browser on laptop or mobile.

But the question is developer could make a website from scratch using coding and programming. It will take time, but the end result is great. So, why use this equipment?

These internet sites constructing equipment host your site on the internet.
It aids you in buying a site name.
They are stable and have a certificate to show that. It facilitates to maintain the fee getaway and patron info safe.
It monitors your site continuously so that it runs smoothly.
Now, you ought to be stressed about choosing the right platform. Don’t, check with your group and find out the reason for your online store. Once you are clear on that, the right platform will be simpler to find.

Some SAAS websites are…



The modern favourite tool for developing an online store is Magento. All over the globe, the developer prefers it. It integrates advertisement, analytics, and content creation and so forth to provide quality consumer experience.



The excellent e-commerce development platform is Shopify. It has lots of functions that will help you broaden a scalable online store. It has the capability to sell products across many social platforms like Facebook, Amazon and so on.

Like this many other websites are available which work on SAAS method.

Last but not least…

So if are a new user then you should start your e-commerce shop on SAAS platform because it is low in comparison to self-hosted and easy to manage all other things like payment option and logistic system. After that when your business goes well and you understand all the system of e-commerce website and its set up, then create your own E-Commerce Website.

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