How to Create Backlinks

How to Create Backlinks
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How to Create Backlinks for a new website or any website best Method

How to Create Backlinks

Now, if you are a beginner to link building or you have tried building links without much success, then today link building blog is going to help you get backlinks easily & easy to rank your page on SERP.
Link building has built all sorts of reputations. But there are generally two dominant views. So, link building is the process of getting other websites to link to a page on your website.

Now, while the end result might make sense conceptually and seem simple, the part that people don’t understand and can’t seem to get right is this part: The Process. And this ultimately boils down to execution. Now, the reason why execution is tough is that people just focus on the end result: getting backlinks to their pages. But the process is actually very important. And relationships are built by humans, not boats.

So, you can say link building is the process of building relationships with other relevant sites, who want and will link to your content because it enhances their sites. So, this definition isn’t just about you getting something. It includes relationships, relevance, and value exchange.

Hey, you know why backlink is important for search engine because backlinks are used by search engines to help rank web pages. Sometimes you see that a high-quality page is shown with a number and people choose that page which PR is high so Google will also follow this and PR is created by Google in 1998. While indexing any web page google look their web page and connected pages so that it gives proper place to that page.

Here, we share three ways to get Backlinks. You can create them, buy them, or earn them. Let’s go through each method.


  1. Creating Backlinks:- It means to manually add links to your site. This can be done by adding your website to directories, leaving comments on blogs, or adding a website to your social media profile. Anyone can do this with minimal effort, so they are not that effective from an SEO and ranking perspective.

  2. Buying Backlinks:- It is exactly as it sounds. You pay webmasters or authors a fee and in return, they will link back to a page on your site. Now, this is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can potentially result in a penalty. That could be anything from losing ranking positions or even worse, getting your pages removed from Google’s search index. Also, buying links isn’t exactly cheap. We contacted some websites to ask if they sell links. And we found that the average cost of buying one was nearly $50, but we didn’t buy any.

  3.  Earn Backlinks:- This is usually done by emailing to other website owners and editors and asking them to link to you. This is the hardest method of the three, but generally speaking, the harder it is to obtain a link, the more valuable it will be. And for that reason, we’ll be focusing on earning Backlinks through email outreach. And I’ll touch on a few tactics later.

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Not every link is good for your website, some website’s link can give you a high ranking on Google, while others can actually hurt your site. 

So, what makes a link good?
To simplify it, as much as possible…
There are two main categories you should look at.

First is relevance:-
Ideally, you want to get backlinks from relevant websites and pages, like:- you write a blog on SEO and the blog, getting a link from digital marketing website is more relevant or getting a link from food recipe. And this is all about website importance. So, getting a link from a digital agency type website’s link is give more weight instead from a food recipe website.

Second is Authority
Now, if you are unfamiliar with “authority” in the link building, it represents the so-called “link power” a web page has. And this relates to how PageRank works.
As we discussed before, both the quantity and quality of links matter. So the more quality links a page gets, the more PageRank it earns. This means that pages with authority can pass it to other pages through hyperlinks. So the more PageRank a linking page has, the more it can pass to those outbound links.


In SEO perspective links

So, there are three basic parts to a link that matter in SEO. The destination URL, anchor text, and the “rel” attribute or lack of one.

The destination URL:- It is simply the URL the person will visit when the link is clicked.

The anchor text:- The anchor text is the clickable word, phrase, or image attached to the link. Google uses anchor texts to better understand what a page is about and what terms it should rank for. But building lots of links with keyword-rich anchors is classified as a link scheme, and may result in a Google penalty as it looks unnatural.

And the last part is the “rel” attribute:-

Some links contain a “rel’’ attribute, which is intended to tell crawlers the relationship between the linking page and the linked page. And the three “rel” values that you should know about when it comes to link building are “no-follow”, “UGC” and “sponsored” basically, Nofollow links told Google that the linking page would rather not associate themselves with the linked page. And for that reason, Google didn’t transfer “authority” through those links. But then Google added a couple other “rel” values: “UGC” which stands for “user-generated content” and “sponsored”. which signifies a paid link.

Some value and genuine methods

First Method:-
Create content for other websites for guest blogging. And the reason why this strategy works is that there’s a clear value exchange, they get great content for free, you should be able to get a link back to your site; whether that be within the content or in the author bio.
So the way guest blogging works is to find other blogs in your industry, pitch and agree on a relevant topic, and then you would write a post for them.

Second Method:-

 Resource Page link building is another simple method which you can use to get backlinks. In this method, you need to search for a company website or your blog related service or product. Now, you find a product or service so write a blog on that topic and your blog rank on the targeted keyword and that company or service provider agency like then you will automatically get backlink the resource page.

Third method:-
Broken link building is a trick where you find a dead link on a page, create a page on that topic, then ask everyone links to the dead resource to link to your page instead.
The reason why it works is, who care about their site, don’t want to lead their visitors to broken pages. So oftentimes, they will replace the dead link with yours.

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