How to get free traffic for my website

How to get free traffic for my website
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How to get free traffic for my website

How to get free traffic for my website (1)

How to get free traffic for my website?

Internet users in India are approx 570 million and this value is increasing regularly. India is the second-largest internet user nation in the world. By 2021, there will be over six hundred million internet users in India. It’s a tremendous opportunity for your website to not only best attract visitors but also convert that traffic into revenue.

Objectives of every industry are to display up within the searches before a competitor while people seek for a product or service like yours. But how is it possible within the times within the massive competition.
At this time you’ll spend some money on social media ads or Google to urge immediate traffic on your website, you wish to attend and ask yourself one question – Is it gives permanent result? Therefore, the answer is no.

Definitely you will get visitors from paid ads but from those mediums, however, what takes place while you’ll stop paying? Will your business ever be discovered again? Again, NO.
All the business owner do the research for the content to their business with the hope to drive traffic today, tomorrow, next month, subsequent 12 months and forever. That’s why it’s miles well worth your strategy and energy.

To build organic traffic is tough. But anything that you just simply get after days, months and years of hard work that’s for permanent for your business.

There are two ways that you may drive visitors to a website. The first manner is free. It involves such things as SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and creates a blog & share content on social media platforms and so on. The other way is paid. Everyone knows that paid advertisements can drive visitors to a website, but it may get costly.

Here we will describe how to drive free traffic to the website…

All this following free traffic driving method and you won’t have to pay a single rupee for traffic that falls under this bucket. And everyone knows that time is more valuable than money but here what I told the method if you follow it then maximum changes is that you will generate traffic for your website and it’s gone forever.

Create a better UI website:-

Creates innovative, powerful websites that capture your brand, enhance your conversion rates, and maximize your revenue to help develop your commercial enterprise and gain your goals. If you didn’t create a website and want to a greater value after creation then you should hire any digital marketing agency for a good website.

Choose a better keyword:-

Before write, any blog chooses a keyword which is high in search volume & low in competition. Search volume refers to what percentage times this keyword is looked for in Google monthly, in a specific country and low competition keyword refers to the ranking difficulty of a keyword, represented as a numerical value between zero and 100. Long-tail keywords are the main key or important key to rank your desired website or page within a few weeks and it’s possible. This could be best and for How to get free traffic for my website

Use SEO(Search Engine Optimization) on your website:-

If you are working on a website and don’t know use SEO method properly on the website. Then you are missing a very important thing. Today SEO has many factors like On-Page SEO, Off-page SEO and technical SEO. So while creating any content use SEO method to improve your writing and enhance the appearance. After creating the content or blog on your website try to publish it on different social media account. Because most of the online user you can find on social media platforms.

Write consistently blog related to your niche:-

If you really want to generate traffic for your website then try to publish a post on your website on a daily basis. If you publish daily a single blog post then search engine gives you the importance in ranking because search engines love the website which provides better content for their user. And the user will also love that website which gives daily updates related to new information.

Use the forum website:-

Use the forum website for question and answers. The popular forum website is Quora. In Quora, you just create a profile and write about yourself & your preferred niche. Quora provides you question related to your interest and you just need to give an answer of them and try to give at least 5 to 10 answers in a day. You can give more answers as per your interest.

The benefit of Quora is by giving an answer, you create a profile for yourself and this will create trust in the mind of people who will follow you. After sometime when you suggest them anything which is helpful for them then will try that thing at least one time. So in forum website always try to give good and useful information to your reader.

Create videos:-

In the time people love video content. So what you have to do create videos related to your niche like elaborate your services and how you work on that. Create a YouTube channel and try to publish at least one video related to your work in a week. It generates more traffic because people love and our mind easily understands video information. Therefore, most of the company have a YouTube channel there they publish new information related to their work.

Use social media:-

A good digital marketer always prefers social media platforms for better traffic. Because in the time very user has a social media account. People will love to use social media platforms because they get the information and information could be any type like people info, any subject info, daily update related to any topic. Here you will get every country information. Some popular social media platforms…


How to get free traffic for my website Build up your Facebook page! There are nearly a billion users of this social network so make sure you’re focusing a major amount of your efforts on Facebook. This is often a proper place to create your brand with images and cover photos. Give users a call to action and include a link to your site. Don’t just post the blog title or what the post is about and tell the readers why they have to read it at this very instant. Make your updates personable and relatable.

And if you have created picture and video related to your website then you update it on Facebook because it generates more traffic for your website. 


How to get free traffic for my website Twitter is very popular just like Facebook but it has own features. People won’t follow a brand-new account if it hasn’t tweeted anything yet. Start out by retweeting popular figures within the industry, mix in some tweets about your website with links, and begin conversations with other followers. You will not gain an outsized following if you merely tweet a link to the new blog post you only wrote. You would like to supply some kind of interesting content that compels web traffic to follow the links to your site. So always tweet about new info it generates a better result. 


How to get free traffic for my website Instagram is also a free service from Facebook. It is a free social profile account website. Here you can create your profile and post photos and video. You can also connect your Facebook and twitter account to Instagram account. Here you can create Instagram stories for 24 hours after that it will disappear this feature is also available on Facebook. It is also a great way to generate free traffic for the website just using your pic and a short video. 





How to get free traffic for my website


This growing social media network allows you to share images from your website with a helpful description. If other users prefer it, they’ll click on that and move to your URL. They’ll also re-pin something onto their profile furthermore. The sharing aspect of this network is immense! Pinterest is additionally unique in this most of its content is indexed by Google.






How to get free traffic for my website LinkedIn is also way to get free traffic on your website. The best methods to the benefit of LinkedIn is by being active in groups. You can create a group(related to your website niche) or engage in an existing one to spread the word about your site. If you have written a blog on the keyword that discussed in the group then you can provide a link. This is the better way to get free traffic on your website.


This is all about some popular social media platforms where you can get users for your content. And these websites generate more traffic because they have more active users. You just need to identify your users or customers.

And last but not least is Mobile Usability:-

If you really want to generate a huge amount of traffic then your website should be mobile friendly and your content will also look better on mobile. Because most of the users are available on online platforms. And in the future, most people access the information through the mobile so if you want a better and consistent result then you should give priority to mobile users.

While writing any blog always follow search engine rules and that is…

  1. Do not publish copy content.
  2. Don’t use the paid link to generate more traffic.
  3. Always use rich content.
  4. Always publish content that useful for others.

The conclusion is that if you want to generate free traffic for your website then you should provide information that is useful for the user and gives them their answer. If your user will happy then the search engine will also happy because search engine always gives 1st preference to their users. this is all about how to get free traffic for my website.

If have any problem or you want a solution on any topic then you can write on my comment section, we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. We always do lots of research for you. Thank you for reading(How to get free traffic for my website).





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