How to get Google Adsense Approval?

How to get Google AdSense Approval[2020]
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How to get Google AdSense Approval[2020]

How to get Google AdSense Approval[2020]

Google AdSense is one among the first-class ad networks to monetize an internet site or a blog. It is 90 % better than every other CPC advertising programs. It offers the publishers the best CTR for every web page. The publishers could make plenty of revenue every day from Google AdSense.

Every new webmaster account has a dream to monetize his website with this ad network. But unfortunately, many of them fail. AdSense has added some strict rules and requirements. It seems hard to get AdSense popularity of our very own blog. But, we know not possible is nothing.

In this blog, I will describe some rule or tips that you used to get google absence approval and I also follow these following steps to get the approval of AdSense…

  1. Buy and use a custom domain name like
  2.  Create professional email address like “” that means “name @domain”
  3. Create or add about us, contact us, privacy policy page.
  4. Your website design should be easy to navigate.
  5. Give, priority to Google AdSense.
  6. Have at least 10-15 well-written weblog posts with unique content
  7. Ensure you don’t use any copyright photographs or text.
  8. Make sure which you have as a minimum one hundred qualified site visitors a day
  9. Do not buy traffic to generate more money.

When you apply for AdSense at that time Google analyze your websites every information so for that I will try to describe all the above info briefly.

Worried about how to create a good website click here

Use a custom domain name:-

If you want to get the approval of Google AdSense then you need to have a custom domain name, not a free domain name. Because a custom domain name provides more authority in comparison with a free domain.


Create an email address;-

When you purchase a domain name and hosting at that time you will also get a custom email creation option. In this type of email, you will create an email using your domain name just like Info@ or Hr@ etc after that use your domain name. If you did not create an email address then create it now.

Create some essential pages on your website:-

While you apply for AdSense check your page like Home page, Contact Us, About Us & Privacy Policy.

Google always gives priority to Privacy Policy because in it all the essential element available that provide a legal rule to a website.

In home page provide every essential or some basic info related to every page or a short impact of every page.


Website U.I.(User Interface):-

Your website user interface should very helpful like people can find other pages easily through the internal link and easy to navigate and impactful. If you provide info related to your website and don’t bluff with customers that means you are providing right info related to your website.

Give Google AdSense priority:-

This question always raised that can other publisher affect Google AdSense account.

So the answer is yes because every publisher has their own rule to place ads on the website so my suggestion is before getting any publisher account try to first create Google AdSense account.

Write at least 10 to 15 Unique content:-

Before you apply for AdSense write at least 10 -15 blog that does not have plagiarism content or copy content. Because Search Engine does not prefer that website that has copy content.

Please don’t use copy photos in your blog or your website because harmful and if you want to use free pic then, therefore, some great website that provides a copyright-free image.

So  follow this link to know more info related to content policy

Website Age:-

Many people are worried about that did they get AdSense approval sometime this happens question comes in mind because of a new website but my friend I just want to say that if your website older than 3 to 4 months and you follow all the steps then you will get AdSense approval. I also get the approval of AdSense in the first attempt.

If you follow all the above steps properly and before apply for AdSense you ensure that you follow then you will get AdSense approved account. 


Due to COVID-19 most of the person’s AdSense account not approved but don’t worry, you have time to check that your website follows all the above steps and after some time when COVID-19 stop your account will improve or in between your account could be approved so get ready to earn more from AdSense.

For more info related How to get Google AdSense Approval you can comment on comment section we will reply in 6 hours. Thank you for reading and I hope this will help you. 




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