How to Start a Blog and Create a Blog Website?

How to start a blog and create a blog website
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How to Start a Blog and Create a Blog Website

Hello, friends

Here we are going to tell How to start a blog and create a blog website

Today, people are worried about their earning so people always search different sources for earning but my friend I can tell you that you can earn money by just writing the knowledge you have and also in your knowledge.

In past days it was hard but “not too hard” to create a blog and write content on your blog but today there are lots of sources on the net by using of that source you can easily create a blog page and collect information for your blog.

But some people still worried about, how they will create the blog and what the skills they needed to create a blog website but don’t worry about anything because in this blog I am going to tell you about ho you can create a free blog website and how to create a custom website.

Early I have created a blog on how to create a website in 2020 but here I will also provide that info but in the summary form.

How to start a blog and create a blog website?

Blogging FAQ:- You Need to know…

Before you start to create a website, I just want to clear some points on blogging.

What is a blog?

How to start a blog and create a blog website
How to start a blog and create a blog website

This question comes on everyone minds, but people ignore it but today I will tell you in a simple way

A blog is like a book but in the virtual form and in the blog people write information or news or case study, etc in their language.

Who is a blogger?

A blogger is one who shares his knowledge, information, opinion through the weblog or internet notes is called a blogger.

What language is better for blogging?

People always confused about that which language is better for blogging, here I just want to say that you try to use that language in which you are comfortable, not that one which stops your progress.

In the starting days if you choose a different language than it will feel good for 10 to 12 blogs after that you feel exhausted and you will stop writing.

No doubt English is a better option but if you have knowledge than the one day you will also earn money and that day is not so far to you so do the practice in your own language.

Which name is better for your blog?

Always choose a name which is a reflection of your blog because in research found that people mostly click on that link which name similar or synonyms of the niche.

While you choose your blog name my suggestion is to check your competitor blog name because every beginner blogger always tries to choose a name which is fancy or unique

but if you choose a name related to the niche then it will be easy to rank and by doing 1 or 2 times promotion of your bog, you can easily drive traffic to your blog because people are aware of that keyword. You just need to notify them that you also exist in the net world.

What is the keyword?

Every word is a keyword that means what you search or what you read on different platforms is a keyword, so to choose a keyword for your website or blog is a very important thing, and the keyword also played an important role in ranking.

The keyword is like when you choose your website or creating a blog, you will need a better because that keyword will decide your place on SERP so choose a better keyword is also very important therefore research your niche keyword so that you will not face any problem in the future.

Are bloggers getting paid?

Yes, every blogger can earn money but before that, you need to do hard work on creating content that you could visible search engine result page(SERP). Blogging is a very good area for earning and today everyone tries to do blogging and many of them being successful in blogging.

Blogging is like on-time effort and if you successfully work on your blog and follow the Google algorithm then no one can stop you to earn money through your blogging.

Here are some ways that you can use after creating a blog to earn money…

  1. You can approve your blog site with the Google AdSense and Google will pay money, when it shows ads on your site as per its T&C.
  2. Become an affiliate marketer on your niche topic so you can promote a product or service of your related niche company.
  3. You can also sell your product and earn money.


Before starting to create a website choose what type of blog website you want to use, a free blog or self-hosted blog.

If you really want to do something in blogging then free blogging is not a good option in terms of website ranking, traffic or admin control on website and you can not customize the website as much as self-hosted.

In case if you choose a free blog and in the future, if you want to move to the self-hosted website then you will need to pay more than you should do.

Again I will suggest that if you have some knowledge about blogging then go with self-hosted website because it provides you real experience and in the first year many domains and hosting provider company give a super discount.

Different blogging platforms are…

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger
  3. Constant Contact Website Builder
  4. Tumblr
  5. Medium
  6. Squarespace
  7. Wix

WordPress is like a king if you choose a blogging platform. It provides you with much customization option.

Some points on why you choose a self-hosted website…

  1. In the self-hosted website, you have full right to the customized website.
  2. If you choose WordPress then you customize your blog with the help free and premium plugins.
  3. My blogger chooses a self-hosted website, and they probably go with WordPress because today approx 35% website on the net created using WordPress.
  4. In the self-hosted, if you choose WordPress then you also get every new update in terms of security and proper work.
How much it will cost to create a website

Many domains and hosting provider companies provide 1-year free domain name if you choose a domain name and hosting with the same company. And if you asked about money then it will charge approx ₹4k to 5k for a year.

If you buy separately, then

domain name charge will be about 300₹-500₹ for a year.

Hosting will be approx  ₹300/month.

If you have successfully purchased a domain name and hosting, then you start to create a website by following this blog.

Introduction to Website Creation in 2020
If you are a free blog then follow the steps…

While you creating a free blog using Blogspot site to create a free website because it gives more result in terms of website traffic, ranking and website monetization. This platform is created by Google.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up with regularly used email id.
  3. After sign in, now you will see the option to choose a blog title and blog address at this time you are choosing a free blog therefore your blog address should be like this
  4. You will see the option to choose a template and choose that template which is AMP supported because at this time AMP-enabled blogs get higher ranking in terms of another blog.
  5. Now your admin page is ready and you can write a blog on your site.

After creation of your site, submit your site on a different search engine in one click

How to get AdSense approval? 2020

AdSense approval not so hard a people think because I also applied for AdSense and my account approved within the 3 months of website creation. So everyone can approve their website AdSense and for the approval of AdSense you need to follow some rule and I have created a blog on how to get AdSense approval so you also read that.

Follow these steps…

  1. You have a website with an easy and beautiful user interface.
  2. You have great content on your website that means what you wanted to tell people that clearly show the sense.
  3. The number of blogs on your site will be 15-20.
  4. Create Unique content and when you use any image try that it will copyright free and you if you still use anyone images then give full credit to the creator so that you will not face any copyright issue.
  5. Create social media profile with your website name and connect that account to your site.

I also have written some blog that useful for a blogger and read also…

1. Best free tool for unique image creation

2. How to get free traffic for my website

3. What is On-page SEO

4. Digital Marketing Popular terms

5. Best Free Chrome Extension for SEOs

All these blogs are useful for every blogger if you want to enhance your knowledge of blogging. 

If you have any question then you can write a comment or you can connect with me on social media or forum website to the asked question. I will try to respond to your question as fast as I can.

Thank you for reading this How to start a blog and create a blog website.

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