Install SSL Certificate

Install SSL Certificate
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Install SSL certificate Cpanel GoDaddy

What is an SSL certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer(SSL), a global trendy security era that permits encrypted communication among a web browser and a web server.

It is utilised by most of online corporations and individuals to reduce the threat of sensitive information being stolen or tampered with the aid of hackers and identification thieves. In essence, SSL permits for a private “conversation” simply between the two parties.

So, here you learn, how to get free SSL Certificate and how to install that certificate in your Cpanel.

1. SSL Site

Go to  SSL For Free

Free SSL Certificates & Wildcard SSL Certificates in Minutes

After going to this website, you will see this type of user interface 

Install SSL Certificate

Here you need to enter your website URL like

After entering your domain name, click on the “Create Free SSL Certificate” button that you can see on the right side.

Then you will land on another page where you need to log in to your enter your login account so, enter your email id and password then click to enter.


2. Now you come to this page 

Install SSL Certificate 1

Here you can see a box name “Enter Domains” so enter your domain name with an extension like com, in, etc after doing this press on the enter button.

3. In third steps, you will reach this page

install ssl certificate

Here you select a free option then click on Next Step button in button right corner.

4. In the Fourth step, you will see this type of section

This page is for the verification process so here you choose HTTP File Upload option.

You can see that I have chosen the same option.

In the picture, you can see 4 options


  1. Download an Auth file.
  2. Upload File in File Manager:- Here you can see a path address given where you need to upload your downloaded file. So will create that path in your Cpanel file manager section. 
    1. Open your Cpanel and go to file manager section.install ssl certificate
    2. You can see a name in  the first position that .well-known, click on the name
    3. If you did not find .well-know folder then create it after that go with further processinstall ssl certificate
    4. You can see an arrow that indicating to name Folder click on the name. Here, will see a box that you can see on the above picture now write the name “.well-known/pki-validation”, click create the folder.
    5. Open the created folder and upload that file in the folder.
  3. A link through that you can check your file upload or not:- After completion of file upload click on the link that in 3rd number. A new tab will open where you can get confirmation that your file uploaded.
  4. Next option

install ssl certificate


5. When you click on the next step you will go to the next page

install ssl certificate

Click on Verify Domain

6. After verifying, you will reach this page

install ssl certificate

Here you can see the name “server type”

Now in Default Format, you choose Cpanel, then “download the certificate zip” file in your computer. 

7. After download that zip file and opens that file or extracts that file then you will see 3 files in that zip file

install ssl certificate

8. Open your Cpanel and choose this file

install ssl certificate

Click on the SSL/TLS option in your Cpanel. After clicking on the link, you see a new section

install ssl certificate

Click on the indicated link then you will reach to a new pageinstall ssl certificate

In this above pic. you can see that the first step is to choose a domain name on which you want to install the SSL certificate.

So, choose your domain name.

After that you can see three option here you need to fill information that you will get from that “zip files” if you remember that there are 3 files with the exact name like in the picture box name.

Now separately choose the name and open that named file and copy that code then paste it here.

Step by step you need to fill all the boxes with their code then click on the install certificate button.

Here you work is completed, now go to Free SSL Site there you click on Next, so here you have done all the work.

Thank you for reading this Install SSL Certificate and if you like then you read, my another blog on SSL installation.


Install SSL Certificate. In this blog, you will read how to install SSL Certificate in Cpanel GoDaddy. All the Steps is shown by picture and very Quick & Easy way

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