Introduction to Website Creation in 2020

Introduction to website creation
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Introduction to Website Creation in 2020

introduction to website creation 2020

Introduction to Website Creation in 2020

Why we create a website?

In this existing virtual world, most of the clients will hope to have the option to discover your business on the web. Regardless of whether you are selling your items on the web, or just need to give some data about your business and your contact details, having a site is practically demanded.
It’s a smart thought to consider what you plan to achieve with your site before you begin making one. Investigating your competitors’ sites can assist you with getting an away from what may work best for you.

There are many types of websites, with each serving a different purpose and here we have some of their types…

01 | Blog                                                     02 | E-Commerce                                                                             03 | Portfolio

04| News or magazine                                               05 | Social media

Blog website:-

A blog website is like where we put information related to our interest. A blog can cover any topic as per interest and a blog can be managed by an individual or a small group.

E-commerce website:-

E-commerce or electronic trade refers to a business type that involves sales transactions being performed on the internet. An e-commerce website made by two types that are self-hosted and a SAAS (Software As a Service).

Portfolio website:-

Portfolio websites are those websites that display and promote samples of previous work. Primarily employed by those within the creative industry, a portfolio website is used sort of CV, demonstrating your skills to impress clients, customers, or future employers.

News or magazine website:-

In this type of website, the manager of the website provides current affairs and latest information that happen in the different areas of the city or country. News or magazines work very well and generate more traffic and just because of it update every time their feed, therefore, search engine always give this type of website high ranking.

Social media website:-

                              This type of website basically for share news, thoughts, image, where anyone can create their account. In the present time, there is lots of social media website are available on the internet. Some examples are Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Website Creation & Design 

When we start to create a website at that time lots of question comes in our mind that how to create a good website, some other question. So here we try to give answer some questions…

These things needed in website creation

The domain name (your custom web address,
Website hosting (service that hosts your website)
WordPress (free, commonly used website platform)

Choosing a domain name:-

Creating a website the first thing that is needed is a domain name. A domain name represents your website or your work on the Internet that how other people will recognize you on the web browser.

You can choose a domain name according to your niche it means your domain name reflects your work. If you are confused about choosing a domain name, then you can do the research related to your niche keyword.

On the internet, there is lots of keywords planner tool so it been very easy to find the correct and unique keyword for your domain name.

So to choose a domain name go to the domain name providers website like GoDaddy, HostGator, Bluehost and others…

  1. Sign up your account
  2. After sign up, sign in into your account then go to domain name section
  3. Search for your domain name, after press enter key required result will show related to your keyword some alternative result will also show.
  4. Now select the keyword or domain name as per your niche.

Now you have purchased your domain name, next step is buying a hosting

Choose Web Hosting:-

After purchasing a domain name, you need to have a website hosting plan. By buying for Web hosting provides, you’ll get a place on the webservers to store your information and files related to your internet site.

Without website hosting, your website will no longer be seen on the internet world to others for reading and browsing on the internet.

So to choose a web hosting plan you need to understand the type of hosting…

    1.Shared Hosting                                     2.Dedicated Hosting                                                    3.Collocated Hosting

Shared Hosting:-

In a shared hosting plan, you and other website owners shared one server. Shared hosting services are cheap because the fee to perform the server is shared between you and these different proprietors. There are, however, some downsides, together with being slower.

 Dedicated Hosting:-

 In a dedicated hosting plan, you have an entire webserver to yourself and exclusively dedicated to a single individual, organization or application. Dedicated hosting plans are ideal for huge organizations or websites with very much traffic.

Collocated Hosting:-

In this sort of hosting, you’ll purchase your very own server and feature it housed at an internet host’s facilities. You will be liable for the server itself. A benefit of this kind of web hosting service is you have a full manage on the webserver. You can install any scripts or packages you need.

Now you know that about the different type of web hosting plan, so decide your hosting plan as per your need. After purchasing your hosting plan you will get a Name server and an FTP(File Transfer Protocol) login details on the registered email address.

Update name servers

Login to your domain panel which you have earlier created and now to go the domain name Servers  ⇒ domain manager ⇒ nameserver ⇒ manage DNS there you will get two option to add name server but sometime hosting provider gives you more than two name servers so enter the first two and leave other ones empty.


In the present time, most of the website provide domain name and hosting in a single plan so it will be easy to manage. Some websites are GoDaddy, HostGator, Bluehost, hostinger, etc.

So while you purchasing a hosting plan keep in mind these things…

  • FREE domain name with SSL (for security), One-click-install for WordPress (free), Custom email accounts, Unlimited bandwidth (no traffic limitations), Customer support, preferably 24/7 live chat

Now the time to install WordPress a website builder platform by use Softaculuos or Fantastico provided in C panel to install CMS(content management system).

Now your website creation is done and you can check it that your website is visible on the internet.

Design your website:-

Website design is very important just like other important things of website creation, by doing this you make your website unique and user-friendly so that people can access your website very easily.

Choose a theme for your website:-

While selecting a theme, always choose a theme which is customizable. Because when you design a website you to need to customize your theme to add-ons some cool look or trending look. For example, Vantage and Astra are the different types of theme & there are lots of other themes available.

Adding plugin:-

Install plugin because a plugin is ways to extend and add-ons to the functionality that already exists in WordPress. Some important plugins are…

Page Builder plugin:- Site origin page builder, Elementor Page Builder, etc.

Plugin for creating a contact form -Contact Form 7

For SEO:- Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, RankMath SEO, etc.

For Image optimization:- Smash Image Compression and Optimization

OptinMonster — Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin

Redirection — Best Redirection Tool

And so many free plugins available by using that you can design your website more responsive and dynamic.

Now the last step is to create a page and write your valuable content on the page. Create pages as per your service so that people feel easy to navigate your product or service related content.


here your Introduction to Website Creation is completed and if you have any query related to website creation and design then you can mail us at


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