Jio Glass: A new Gadget From Reliance Jio

Jio Glass A new Gadget From Reliance Jio
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Jio Glass A new Gadget From Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio 43 AGM meeting
Jio Glass
Jio launched a new gadget that creates a lot of changes

Jio Glass A new Gadget From Reliance Jio

In the pandemic, reliance Jio’s approx 7% partnership is taken by Google.
Reliance Jio every year conduct an AGM(Annual General Meeting), to tell about his companies value and other things to their partners, and this year its 43rd AGM on July 15.

Reliance Jio announces many gadgets but here, I am going to tell you about Jio Glass. 

This Jio Glass so that Jio updating and creating new things, and you will get more surprised from the Reliance Jio.
This Jio glass has many features and can be connected with the phone to help you make video calls, and host meetings in a 3D holographic environment.

What is Jio Glass? Jio Glass A new Gadget From Reliance Jio

This new product, Reliance Jio Glass is a Mixed Reality (MR) enabled glass. The contemporary Jio Glass innovation with the aid of using Reliance goals to permit customers to hook up with the arena round them virtually.

The advanced glass makes use of current generation to offer its customers the best-in-elegance Mixed Reality offerings for a without a doubt immersive experience.

The Jio Glasses now the simplest designed to carry out digital conferences from any part of the globe, however, ordinarily caters to tutors and college students provides three-dimension digital rooms. The new tech combined headset lets in three-dimension interactions and to observe holographic content.

The new step in Augmented Reality, by using the Jio Glass, tutors can create holographic lessons through the Jio Mixed Reality carrier in real-time.

President of Reliance Industries Kiran Thomas, show the demo of Jio Glass in the 43rd AGM meeting. In the demo, Kiran showed a meeting with Akash and Isha, and in the meeting, Akash appeared in the 3D avatar and Isha appeared in the regular call that is 2D.
Mr Kiran also shows how you can be part of any meeting in 3D form and showed the 3D view of any place.

What would be the price of Jio Glass?

The company did not release the Jio Glass price, but the Jio Glass is expected to cost around INR 14,000 or USD 200, based on another smart glass available company price on the market; this may vary while announcing the price.

What you will get in the Jio Glass or Features of the Glass?
  1. The weight of the Jio Glass is 75 grams
  2.  The Jio Glass support 25 in-built apps to make a successful video meeting.
  3.  In the gadget, you will get a single camera in the middle of the Glass.
  4.  The Jio product is powered by Mixed Reality experience, so users can interact with others over call in the 3D Avatar or 2D video call.
  5. The Jio Glass has in-built sound & battery which is built in two handles of the Glass.
  6.  It’s audio & Video quality is in the HD, so you get High-definition output
  7.  The Glass also support the share option.


The Reliance has entered the tech area with the promise of allowing holographic videoconferencing, 3D-presentations, and lots more. Reliance has made its manner inside the smart glass area after a slanderous failure of Google Glass, Snapchat’s Spectacles and Microsoft’s HoloLens.

The Snap Spectacles didn’t make a mark for itself after its failure. The clever glasses via way of means of Snapchat isn’t ideal for humans with eye electricity as Snap doesn’t provide prescription spectacles.

The major distinction between Jio Glass, Snapchat Spectacles three and Microsoft HoloLens is their cost. While the expected cost of Jio Glass is around INR 14,000, Snap Spectacles three became released in India at a fee factor of around INR 30,000. Microsoft HoloLens retails at a sky-excessive fee of INR 2,63,000.

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