Most Common Off Page SEO Mistake

Most Common Off Page SEO Mistake
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Most Common Off Page SEO Mistake

Most common off page SEO mistake

SEO is a very important part of a website to rank, and Off-page SEO is a very important part of SEO. While we do off-page SEO, we always think, that how can we do better off-page SEO and what we should consider while off-page SEO.

So, in this blog, we are going do to discuss what is the most common off-page SEO.
So, let’s start…

Off-page is a part of SEO, and we always consider it very important and in off-page, we consider things like link building, website connectivity, etc.

And while doing off-page SEO, we should consider that not do these common mistake…

  1. Directory submission:- You have heard about directory submission and you know that the more directory submission you do of your site, the more backlinks you will get but,
    here I will tell you that every directory submission sites are not good for your website and follow these steps while doing directory submission.
  2. Buying link/ Exchange Link:- Previously I have created a blog where I have discussed links and their use.
    Every new website owner tries to get fast ranking and if he/she start their website for earning purpose then definitely they try to use the wrong method and in that wrong method buying ink7 reciprocal method comes.

    Buying link is like when you purchase a link from another website to increase your authority and ranking.

    Reciprocal links are the links that you get in the exchange form like you have a website and you talk to any website owner to share their links.

    But I want to tell you that this type can only do for your website is to block manually or stop your site to appear on SERP.

  3. Most popular:- Some directory submission is most popular and some sites support all type of content in their website so while you submit your site check sites quality if you find it valuable then submit your site. 
  4. Locally-relevant:- Every new site’s first target is that they recognize firstly in their local area that means in their local search queries and if you want this then you need to register in your local directory sites and make sure that site should be good another site will go before coming to existence. 
  5. Industry-relevant:- While submitting your site URL make sure that the site in which you are submitting your site, is related to your target niche that means on which topic you have created your site. 
  6.  Target the wrong URL:- When you create backlink, most of the people write for their home page but you should be careful, that while creating a backlink for your target, use that link in your backlink URL also. 
  7.  The wrong keywords in anchor text:- You have might also see that when you click on the link to go to a particular page but unfortunately or intently you reach to the wrong page.

    You know why this happens because of the wrong keyword in the anchor text. So, while adding a link on the text make sure that your link & URL matched or related. 

  8. Focusing on many backlinks:- This is very important which is you have always listened or you have read from a genuine blogger that doesn’t focus on backlinks number, always consider the quality of backlinks.

    Because if you get a quality of backlinks then that can be better than 100 bad backlinks. 

Note:- One important is to tell you before you start you create your website and thing is Google Algorithm because Google covers approx 97 % of web searches.

Every blogger wishes that their blog will rank higher on google SERP not any other search engine like bin, yahoo or Yandex, etc. Connect with me on social media Facebook.

Thank you so much to read this blog “Most Common Off-Page SEO Mistake”.

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