Most Useful Websites

Most Useful websites
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Most Useful Websites

Gentlemen, at Present time on the internet, there are lots of websites available, but we knew about some websites. In this blog post, I will provide some websites name with their link and also provide a short description of that website. I can not say that every website is useful for everyone what we provide in the blog post but the maximum number of website is useful.

Every website has its own use that means some for use in the study, some help you in work and some website for fun in Lockdown & also after that. Let’s start…

Most Useful Websites

1 Pixabay:-

At present time copyright is a very big issue and if you own a website then you will always worry about your website and very careful that your content should be copyright free, therefore you do all the effort. So this website gives you free stock images that you can use in your work without worries about copyright.

 Some other website name which you use as an alternative to this website…

  • Unsplash
  • Pixel
  • Pxfuel

2 Grammarly:-

Everyone is worried about English writing, I mean people always think that what they are writing is correct or not, in the prospect of grammar, but for the confirmation where they will go.

In my case, I have a friend who always suggest me if I will do something wrong in grammar but what for others who did not have a friend like me, so here I suggest you, to use Grammarly as your writing partner.

After writing, you will also face a new problem like what you have written is plagiarism free content or copyright-free content. But for a normal blogger or most of the people don’t have lots of information that they can easily know that what they write is copyright free content or not. So here you can use a tool that is called Grammarly plagiarism tool.

This tool provides you free and most accurate result related to the copyright content.


In this website, you will get free emojis, text, symbols, currency, etc that are probably not available on your keyboard. And here you just copy that symbols or letter or emojis which one you wanted and paste it on your file without any effort.

4 Canva:-

Canva is the most used website in photo editing. It is used by both beginners and professional. This website provides most of the features in a free plan and you can directly access free images, others layout for image creation. You can download images that you have created without any watermarks.

It also provides a 30-day free trial of its premium features after 30 days, you can cancel that if you don’t like. Read blog-related Best free tool for unique image creation 


It is a website where you can get every website-related information if the original website is not available.

In the world have lots of unconnected tribes and if you are interested to know about tribes or people that are existed but does not have more information about those tribes then you use this website to know about that. 

7. Eat this

This website is very much important in the present world because everyone is worried about their health but don’t know what to eat according to their body weight. This website creates personalized meal plans based on your food preferences, budget, and schedule. Here you will also get a calorie calculator, meal plan chart, etc just follow simple steps.

8. (Fun):-

This website is for fun if you bored with work or want to show someone that you are master in coding then you can use this website as a prank. Here you don’t need to do an extra thing just press on keyboard randomly and it will show you on screen some coding that looks real. So use it ones.


In Mathway, you can solve maths(Algebra) problem without any effort and you don’t need to buy its subscription because it is free of cost. And it does not give you a short answer but it provides you with a most useful step-by-step explanation. This could be also the Most Useful websites.


This website works on the AI system and here you can talk with it. Here you can talk with it and by my experience, you will not feel bored anytime while talking with it. It provides you most with your answer like other humans.


Thank you for reading this blog(Most Useful websites) and I wish you liked it. Please provide me with some suggestion related topic which one you are interested and want to read a blog or want any solution blog. I will try to provide you information on that topic which one you like and I will try that it will be posted within a week. 



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