Online Media Buying

Online Media Buying
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Online Media Buying

What is online media buying?

Online media buying is a process using that process we buy a place on a different-2 website to place our Ads so that we can target our desired customer and customer can move to the four stages of the buyer journey.

In the online media buying process, three people work

  1. Advertiser
  2. Agency/Network
  3. Publisher

Advertiser:- Advertiser is the one who wants to run the ads of his/her business.

Agency/Network:- By the name agency or network means mediator that provide true value website or platform where advertisers can their ads to get profit.

Publisher:- Publisher is the website or platform where the ads will run.

How many types of ads you can run?

There are different type of ads

  1. Text ads:- Your ads content will show in the text format while people search on the related keyword.
  2. Banner ads:- Just like you see a banner on the road the same format ads will run that means Photo with some text that gives some message.
  3. Rich Media Ads:- It is a new type of ad that expands after a click.
  4. Pop Up Ads:- It is just like pop up forms that ads will show in the pop-up style.
  5. Video Ads:- You video will show as an ad.

How do you decide about your target audience?

You  can this aspect while targeting your customer

  • Geo-targeting
  • Behavioural variables
  • Keywords (SEO targeting)
  • Interest categories
  • IP Address Targeting
  • In-market audiences
  • Lookalike audiences and custom audiences
  • Retargeting and remarketing efforts
  • Create a budget and plan

What you should before start online media buying?

You are going buying something, so you need to decide the target result that what you want from this ad buying cycle.


  • You need the traffic to your page.
  • You want to create awareness about your product or re-target your customer-related your new product.
  • Want to improve your sales

Just like these above points, you also need to decide.

After deciding your target result, now you search for a publisher, or you can contact any agency who is working in the field.

But, if you think that you can do it by yourself then follow the mention steps to take a good online media buying…

  1. Identify Publishers
  2. Get their proposals or prospect
  3. Compare the price of a company

Identify Publisher:- Search you target publisher website and try to collect all the information of your publisher website or where you want to place your ads because if you have knowledge about your target website then you can better conversant to the website owner.

Get their price chart:- Now, talk to them about their service charge if possible then get their rule and chart related price and to do a good buying process then read all the aspect. If you do not read that then you can implement that in your business.

Compare price between company:- After getting the list of the website, try to compare to each other company chart so that you can get the better result.

After completing all this process, you can start your conversation with your desired publisher.

If you think that you can’t manage all these things then you can also hire, a digital media buying agency for your work.

This is all about the online media buying process.

Thank you for reading it!


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