Productivity Tools for Working from Home

Productivity Tools for Working from Home
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Productivity Tools for Working from Home


In the pandemic, many businesses tell their worker to work from home, but everyone is not familiar to work from therefore people very suffered in this pandemic.  

I will tell you about my experience that how to start to work from home, You know that working with friends or colleagues is very interesting instead of working alone but what we can do unless to support our administrator & work from home. 

But I search for some app and website that make my work easier and also it feels like I am working with friends, all the things are the same just as our office.

Maybe in the next year, this pandemic will end, we will again start our normal life but before that, we need to manage our work & life. 

Let’s start “Productivity Tools for Working from Home”:-

Tech Tools

  1. Computer:- It is a basic unit of any business and every new business, first set up a system for their business and you use PC, Laptop or if you are a small business then you can use iPad. Using a computer system you can easily control and manage all your business file.
  2. Printer/Scanner:-  Every business need paperwork and if you have the tool then you can do the work on your home. At this time many companies provide 2 in 1 service means’ printer & scanner in one box.

Communication tool

  1. Google Meet:- This app provides you service to do live conversation with your clients or your team. You don’t need to pay anything for this tool. You can add up to 250 people and it is very secured & meeting time is not bounded. This app is made by Google and its pro feature is free for September 2020. 
  2. Zoom:- This is also a video conferencing app. The app is very popular and it is trending in the news that it is not secure but in the recent update, it cleared that, they provide an end-to-end security feature to their both free & pro app. You can add up to 100 people and the free meeting goes up to 40 minutes. 
  3. Jio Meet:- The app is launched in the month & It is also a video conferencing app, this app is a combination of both above app and you will get both app feature in one app. You can add up to 100 people at a time and meeting time is up to 24 hours. 
  4. Google Duo:- It is also another video calling app from Google. At the starting time, it adds only 4 to 5 people but with the time demand the app developed with new feature and now you can add up to 32 people at a time and the app promised that they will provide some new features & improved feature in the future. 

Document related tool

  1. Google Doc:- This is a free service from Google to write a document and it attached with Google Drive so, you can save your file online and access it every time.
  2. Google Drive:- It is a very important tool and you can use this as an extra storage drive in your any Google-enabled system or if you have a Gmail account then you can access it.
  3.  Google Sheets:- This is a tool from Google that is used in the place of Excel file creator, if in your system does not have MS Excel then you can use it and it is a fully updated version of Excel.

 Remote access screen sharing tools

  1. Anydesk:– The app remote desktop software supports many operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome OS and even Raspberry Pi. It’s free for personal use and its business plans start at $11 per month.
  2. Chrome Remote Desktop:- It gives permission to access your computer and It supports many platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.
  3. TeamViewer:- It is also a scene sharing remote access tool that provides you feature to access other devices with their permission and it supports many operating systems.

So, this all about Productivity Tools for Working from Home; in the feature, I will add more content in the blog as per requirement and new app availability. If you want to suggest anything, then you can write a comment. This will help other people to do work better. 

Thank you for reading Productivity Tools for Working from Home blog and if you like this then share with your friends, if you have any question then write a comment, I will provide a solution as fast as I can. Subscribe the blog, more than 200 people subscribed the blog.

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