Quick Guide On Website Spam Score

Quick Guide On Website Spam Score
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Quick Guide On Website Spam Score

The internet world has made human beings and things advancer than ever. Time has long gone when humans just visit the offerings providers or purchase products from their nearby marketplace without even knowing about it. But now the time is completely changed.

People now do well-researched online earlier than buying commodities/services. Not only customers however also the digital marketers have an eye on the web sites where it is performing in keeping with the clients’ expectations or not. For checking the trustworthiness of the internet site, just check its spam score.

In this blog post, I will describe what is the spam score and what are the elements that are responsible for increasing your website spam score. In the present time, many people have a website but the spam score of a website affecting its SERP result, so let’s begin…

Quick Guide On Website Spam Score

What is the Spam Score?

Spam Score indicates the quality and usefulness of a website. It is measured by an SEO company MOZ and it developed a tool to check website trustworthiness or believes because in the digital world many people are worried about security.

So this tool analyzes the websites and provides info on the basis of their rules, which they used to create this tool.
They provide or show score between 0-17 number, so it is clear that “0” is excellent or trusty and “17” indicates not trustful.

How spam score increased?

There are lots of cause to increase your website’s spam score and in that series, a spammy website is the most important to increase your spam score. Now you are thinking how so then when you create a backlink from other website or buy backlinks through money, at the time you did not care about its bad effect but it really affects your website in bad and good on both side.

If your website backlinks are good then it will increase your website ranking and traffic but in another sense, if your website backlinks are bad then it will affect your website ranking also increased spam score that makes the wrong impact in the mind of the user.

If your website shows spam score on how to consider that?

Spam score does not mean that your website is not useful but the % represents a wide variety of capability signals ranging from content worries to low authority metrics.

The solution isn’t always necessary to alternate below describe factors on your site. If you haven’t had any penalties you shouldn’t be concerned about a Low or Medium score.

It is quality to use this per cent determine to choose the inbound hyperlinks to your website online, supplying you with a signal to help you decide which of those links desires some similarly investigation and, perhaps, even removal.

Some other point that you should care if you don’t want to increase your website spam score…

1. Length of Domain name:

Don’t use the same length of the root domain and subdomain name because of a usually spammy site.

2. Keyword Stuffing:

Literally Google has some rule or you can say has many rules and keyword stuffing is one of them, Google says don’t use unnecessary keyword in your website that affects your website, only spammy websites do this for ranking but it will not work for a long time and if you do so then the crawler will also count you as a spammy website.

3. A low number of pages on your website:

The crawler when crawling your website at that time it will count and take a screenshot of every page.

4. Have all social media account:-

Most probably a fake website does not have a popular social media account like LinkedIn and others. So create your account on different social media platforms and provide information related to your business as much as possible.

5. The ratio of links:

Use the proper number of links like NoFollow and DoFollow links. Because a spammy website always does wrong stuff for ranking and links are the best way to rank in high.

 Also, read what are backlinks 

6. Fake Testimonials:-

Write fake testimonials on your website is bad for your website because this can be detected by both crawler and customers. So try that customer always provide review their self.

7. Copied Content

If have a website and you want to rank on SERP first page then you need to have better content and content is king so don’t use copied content in your blog or website. 


Spam Score Breakdown.
  • 1-25% – Low (Good)
  • 26-50 – Average (Need to Reduce)
  • 51-75 – High (website in Danger)
  • 76-100 Very Bad(can be penalized)

Spam Score is one in all the crucial part of a website. It plays a very important component to rank on google. Spam Score represents the share of penalized or spammy websites connected with your website.

How to check the spam score of a website?

To check a website spam score is not a hard job at this time because there are lots of websites on the internet which provides to check your website spam score in a few time just you need to enter the website URL.

But I suggest you use the MOZ tool to check websites spam score. At present, you can also use MOZ extension which is a very easy way if you are using a PC or Laptop.

When you install MOZ extension you just need to create an account and login in MOZ website and then it will show DA(Domain Authority), PA(Page Authority) & Spam Score of a website which you are searching for.

How to reduce the spam score?

We have described some points that cause to increase of spam score. Now what you to do for reducing that:-

1. Check website copy content and remove that content.

2. Remove links that responsible for increasing your website spam score.


The spam score is not any problem it is the signal to your website that check the content and links of your website which might be affecting your ranking. If you remove all the things which help to increase your website spam score then it will be useful for you and your website that you make your website safe to be penalized by a search engine.



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