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Rank Math SEO Plugin



SEO is very important to rank your website but when we create or start blogging at that we are very concern about SERPs result.

Rank math SEO plugin

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a fundamental element for any online-related business within the times of today. It provides individuals and organizations with the essential visibility they require owning for drawing their customer’s attention towards their activities. But, what does SEO mean and the way can it make overall improvements for an internet site?

Rank Math is one of the fastest-developing WordPress plugins for a great reason. They’ve controlled to enter a packed and aggressive space and slowly but genuinely start capturing a large share of the market. Just as you’d expect, the plugin is good to use and has all the capabilities that Yoast has, in addition to what I would recollect a better Schema implementation.

SEO is very important to rank your website, so to choose the best plugin and make a  better strategy is also very important. In the present time, some most popular plugins are for SEO. But all the SEO plugin does not give you all the useful features in a free plan, so to enable that features you need to buy their premium feature.

But in this blog post today, I will tell you the best free SEO plugin. And the plugin gives some techniques feature also all the premium features that an SEO plugin should have.

So the name of the plugin is Rank Math. It is one of the WordPress SEO  plugins for a great reason. They’ve controlled to enter a packed and competitive space and slowly but genuinely start capturing a large share of the market.

Just as you’d expect, the plugin is very good to use and has all the capabilities that Yoast has, in addition to what I would recollect a better Schema implementation.

Friends in this blog I will try to give all the information related to Rank Math that how to set up & how is going to be useful for your SEO.

So let’s start…

Rank Math:-


Search engine optimization is probably the great and most consistent source of site visitors for one’s website. The regular procedure of optimizing your posts can sometimes take extra time than actually writing the content. If you usually feel that you can do more on the SEO front on your website however don’t have the time, *then RankMath is what you’re searching for.

Rank Math SEO plugin is made by Mythemeshop.

Since I am using this currently and I can say that it gives more features in comparison with other SEO plugins.

Here I will describe its feature and setup…


Clean, & Simple User Interface:-

RankMath SEO plugin is developed user-friendly kept necessary standards of design in thoughts and put so much time and effort into the interface of this plugin. The result is an easy user interface that gives the right information to you.
The efficient user-interface makes a speciality of the most important parts of your posts which also provides superior snippet previews. Not most effective the preview of your internet page in search engine results but additionally its appearance on social media can be viewed right under the WordPress editor. It also shows the SEO score in numbers and score shows from 1-100.


Easy to Follow Setup Wizard:-

The SEO plugin is formed in a self-configuring technique by supplying simple installation steps. The quick wizard analyzes your internet site and recommends the most suitable settings accordingly. By following the progress, all the search engine marketing settings consisting of social and webmaster profiles will be set up and ready to use with the help of the auto-configuration feature.


#1 Rank Math SEO Plugin (2020)

Easy to navigate rank math SEO plugin features

1 Dashboard:-

In RankMath dashboard section you will get some top of the feature as the following picture…


In modules, you will get 404 monitors, AMP, Link Counter, etc activation tab. 

 Setup wizard easily setup after installation of the plugin.

Import & export option you will get the feature to get information from previous SEO plugin.

2. General Setting:-

It provides feature like




404 and 301 redirection option

How to set up RankMath  Plugin?

Follow This Steps To Install Rank Math SEO plugin On Your Blog

  1. Install Rank Math SEO plugin:-


After the installation of Rank Math plugin just go to Rank Math dashboard set up wizard.

In the setup wizard follow the five setups step and fill the correct information, this plugin auto-detect some. 

#1 Rank Math SEO Plugin (2020)

  1. Your site:-

This block is very important, others are also very important but here you provide information about your website that what type of website is and its logo.


2. Search Console:-

This section provides you to connect your search console account to Rank Math SEO plugin. If you did not verify your account to search console then in this section also provide a direct link through that you can verify your account.



In a sitemap section, we give a file which is called sitemap file where we provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them. Sitemap help to update your information on a search engine.



Here you don’t have to do anything if you are new, because it is auto set. If you have some basic knowledge related to this then you can change it and you can all reset up after some time. 

After this, your rank math SEO plugin set up is completed and your website is ready to go live.



Some top features of this plugin:-

1 On-site SEO Analysis with a click:- This plugin auto analyze your website and give maximum result. If anything is missing it will also show that. 

Rank Math SEO Plugin (2020) 1

Use 5 keywords:-

While you write any blog you need to enter more than keyword to rank your website high, therefore, rank math gives you the option to add 5 keywords in the focus keyword section.


Track your keyword positions

Connect your search console account to Rank Math SEO plugin and it will provide you onboard search console facility, here you can analyze your website rank and track your keywords. Keyword tracker will come on feature rank math update.


Also, have Rich Snnipet:-

You don’t need to download another for rich snippet because it provides all the feature, like product markup, video markup. RankMath removes star rating for a blog on the instruction of google. If you want this feature then you another star rating plugin but it will be not helpful for ranking your blog and if you have a product then you can use it to get more attention from the user.

The most likely feature is…

Its redirection methods, it gives most of the redirection method in its dashboard like

  1. 301 permanent move.
  2. 302 temporary move.
  3. 307 temporary redirects.
  4. 410 content deleted.
  5. 451 content unavailable etc.

Read more about this type of keyword and other digital marketing popular terms.

Webmaster Tool:-

This plugin provides you to integrate to the different search engine and it gives most of the option to connect with the search engine. The search engines are Google Search engine, Bing Webmaster, Baidu Webmaster, Yandex.

You can also connect with Alexa ranking account, a Pinterest account, Norton Safe Web to your website.

Integrated social media account:-

You can connect your different social media account in a single place and that will help for better website appearance on SERPs. You can get “SEO Titles & Meta” section.

 Now you have completed maximum Rank Math settings so what points you need to remember while doing SEO that scores 100/100 of your SEO plugin…

  • Focus Keyword Must Use In URL.
  • Your Post Have Minimum 650 Words.
  • Internal linking.
  • External Linking.
  • Adding Focus Keywords In Sub Heading
  • Make Your Keyword Density At least 2.
  • Use focus keyword in starting of your blog and it contains in a H₁ tag.
  • Add Keyword In Description.
  • Don’t Add Negative Or Irrelevant Title.
  • Don’t Add Numbers In SEO Title.
  • Use Focus Keywords On Image As Alt.
  • Use Title Which Not Contain Power Words.
  • Focus Keywords Appear In 10% Of Content.
  • Use Short Paragraph.

Finally, we can say that rank math provides us with every feature free instead of other plugin charges for that like… 

  • In this plugin, you can optimize up to 5 keywords (but other SEO plugin charges for this)
  • It gives you Internal linking suggestions (but other SEO plugin charges for this)
  • It gives URL’s redirection feature (but other SEO plugin charges for this)
  • It provides Social media preview (but other SEO plugin charges for this)

This plugin navigates you if any problem will be shown on the page. The most important thing is with the rank math plugin provides the latest update and work on search engine instruction.

Top Feature and New Update
  1. Auto Canonical URLs
  2. Internal Linking Suggestions
  3. LSI Keyword Tool Integrated
  4. Google Search Console Integration
  5. AMP Ready
  6. Google Schema Markup Integrated
  7. Local Business Rich Snippet
  8. Social Media Optimization
  9. Automatic Twitter Meta Cards
  10. XML Sitemap
  11. Robots.txt Editor

New Update 30 July 2020

Added a very important feature Pixel length counter for the title & description fields.
Synced Rank Math’s auto-update feature with the auto-update option introduced in WordPress 5.5
Rank Math’s blocks are now translation-ready in the WPML plugin

New Update 17 August 2020

New WooCommerce update that useful for products with 100s of variations should load extremely fast with proper Schema data
Now Rank Math won’t add Meta tags on Divi’s frontend page builder area to improve the loading time
Also, Long focus keyword in featured images should be getting detected properly.
Rank Math SEO plugin minimum WordPress version supported 5.2 & PHP 7.0
A typo in the filter to allow Short codes in the product Schema description


What is the SEO plugin?

That plugin which helps to customize a page or a blog on a definite search engine update rule and also enhance the visibility of your page & blogs.


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