RankMath FAQ Schema Block Setup

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RankMath FAQ Schema Block Setup

RankMath FAQ Schema Block Setup

What is FAQ Schema Block Page?

An FAQ block (a Frequently Asked Question Block) is a page turn this way contains a record of questions and their respective answers with regard to a particular topic.

RankMath FAQ Schema Block Setup

Why add FAQ Schema?

Winning FAQ rich snippets is useful because it helps enhance the general visibility of your website since it occupies additional space in seek engine consequences pages and offers users a way of interaction.

By adding FAQ schema block on your website visibility on a search engine will improve & if your answers are correct and match with your blog then you don’t need to do anything because the search engine will improve your ranking.

So RankMath FAQ Schema Block Setup is good for website

How to set up this feature on your website by using RankMath?

Set up FAQ Schema Block you need to first install the RankMath SEO plugin if you have already set up the plugin then you all set. Now check your RankMath setup wizard.

RankMath FAQ Schema Block Setup

Please Update your RankMath plugin then go to all posts and choose a post and edit that post and there in the left corner you will see a plus icon like this…

RankMath FAQ Schema Block Setup

When you click on the plus icon a box will display and with that, a search box will also display then type FAQ by RankMath and search. Then a block will display like this…

RankMath FAQ Schema Block Setup

Now you are all set so type your question and answer. When your question and answer are complete then publish it.
Use google search console to submit your article and after submission check your URL  by URL inspection in google search console. This result will show if your URL successfully submitted.

RankMath FAQ Schema Block Setup

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