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Search Engine Optimization is a method by using that method you can promote your product or service organically and generate leads for your business. Tdigitalguru a digital marketing agency provides SEO service at an affordable price with a better result on your target keyword.

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Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

                                                      is a process by using that process, you can organically rank your website. SEO is all about, your work and your strategy, update information that provides a search engine. Search engine always updates their information to fill the loop on their system and try to update the new system so that user get a better result while its system.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) work categorise in different part and its work never ends.

Some basic thing that every SEO Manager should do while working on it...

1. On-page SEO                                     2. Off-page SEO

1. On-page SEO 

While we are talking about On-page SEO, it means work that done on the website page. So, on-page SEO work comes while you creating a page and blog.

Writing a blog is not a big deal but write it SEO friendly is very important & it takes lots of work in starting time. It has some basic rule; Title of the blog, short description & using keyword phrases.

There are lots of free SEO plugins available on WordPress website, but we analyze all the things personally & our work is based on the result that we get after analyzation of the website.

We always check our customer website and their business to notify them if any fault we find.

2. Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is all about work that, done outside the website.  Creating a social media account like Facebook, Forum account like Quora, etc.

Now the question is, why we are creating all these accounts and how it helps us in SEO?

Search engine optimization

Simply, most of the people are present, on online platforms and every person has a question related to every companies product or service. So, here what we do is to provide some basic information related to that product and some testimonials of our customer.

In our research, we found, Facebook Ads are cheaper than any other ads service and Facebook also provide different type of ads, lots of traffic with your targeted audience.

Our Plan For SEO Service:-

1. Basic Plan

This plan is for basically small business owner to promote their product or service in their local area.

Here you can promote 1 keyword 

Google Listing Management for One Year

Organic SEO for one year with SMM.

We also create your Social Media Profile.

6000/-per month, this is a one-year contract and you need to pay 2 months in advance. If you like then you leave in the middle but you need to tell us before 1 month. T&C

2. Premium Plan

 Here you can promote 4 pages 

Google listing for a year

Social Media Marketing

If required, we provide keywords for your business

Technical SEO analysis of your website

On-page & Off-Page optimization.

Price for premium plan  11000/-per month. T&C

This thing is very important because, in the present digital world, most of the person has a cell phone therefore before buying a product they choose to search, to know about that product if you wish that your website come first then contact us