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What are breadcrumbs

What are Breadcrumbs

What are breadcrumbs? Why is it important for SEO?

The breadcrumb trail is a helpful apparatus for both website specialists and SEO specialists. It encourages Google bots to all the more likely to comprehend the site chain of command, and it causes clients to perceive their present situation on the site.

What are breadcrumbs?

A breadcrumb is a type of path that shows the main page location, frequently situated at the head of a page showing where the client is on the site. Like, when you visit someone website you will see a navigation path. Each progression of that way is interactive, right back to the landing page.

Do you know why this navigational assistance called a breadcrumb? When Hansel and Gretel went into the forest areas, Hansel dropped bits of bread onto the ground, so they could discover their direction home on the off chance that they got lost.

Types of Breadcrumbs are

These are the most common breadcrumbs are…

  1. Hierarchy-based breadcrumbs or Location-Based Breadcrumbs

This is the most common type of breadcrumbs. This tells you where you are in a site structure and how many steps there are to get back to the main page ex:- Service> SEO > On-page 
So, it represents the structure of the page and helps users to understand the site’s multiple level hierarchies for better navigation.
In this type of structures, people find very easy to locate their self on-site and easily can go to the home page or main page.

What are breadcrumbs

  1. Attribute-based breadcrumbs

This type of breadcrumbs you can see on e-commerce site because of their different type of product available and every product has different feature and type, this relationship of products to one another, help users to find a new idea or product type for example; Home > Product category > Gender > Size > Color


  1. History-based Breadcrumbs

It works just like its name that when you visit any site some of you will see the option of the previous button or back button option. This can be useful when the user has reached the product page after applying multiple filters on the category page, with a history-based trail, the user can quickly go to one of the previous pages in their path, so you get something like this: Home > mobile> Samsung > under 35000 > 5G.

Where to Use Breadcrumbs

Now, this question always comes to mind where to use breadcrumbs so breadcrumbs are useful on that website which have many pages or blogs. Like I said before that it is useful and helpful for both the crawler of a search engine and user to navigate.

Do not use breadcrumbs in this format like categories are disorder, copy main navigation or you can say that doesn’t create confusion in the mind of user or crawler because it affects your website traffic or creates problem to index your URL in SERP.


Benefits of Using Breadcrumbs

Improve User-Experience:-

People search on net information but when they find new information they try to look that but after some time they want to go their desired location, but they are lost and everyone hates this because they fill that why they come to the site they forget. But if you use breadcrumbs then people can easily navigate that place so that people will stay on your site by this user will again come to your site.

Reduce bounce-rate

When people find their self listed on the website, or they will not get the desired result after clicking on the link then most probably people will look to some other site, this can increase your website bounce rate, instead of that if you properly indicate the location then your website not go to other site and most probably they will read some other related blogs also.

Improve your SERP result

If you properly placed breadcrumbs then most probably google will love to index your page and show to a search engine while people search-related keyword query. Proper navigation is happening when you properly interlink your pages.

Do breadcrumbs helpful in SEO

When we talk about SEO benefit then we can not say that it will directly affect your SEO but yes it will improve your ranking after some time. If you use breadcrumbs in your website then it will create an impact on SERP result and if people searching on the basis of a category than most probably he/she will click on it.



When you have a greater chance to improve your ranking or visibility then why not use that. By use of this, you can manage your visitors in an indirect way. And create a better value for your site in the memory of google and user.

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