The Ultimate Guide To REMOVE SPAM SCORE

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The Ultimate Guide To REMOVE SPAM SCORE

Are you also facing problem with your website Spam Score?

However, Spam Score is a website evaluation program released by SEO Data & Software Company, Moz, in 2015. Indicates how the subdomain of your website can be detected by Google. Moz analyzes the total number of websites and identifies specific features that are similar, which are penalized by Google. The sum of these flags is represented by a percentage; the higher the flags, the greater the spam score number.
Spam grade 1% to 30% is considered low, 31% -60% as average, and 61% -100% as high scores.

Wondering how to check the spam score of your website?

However, checking spam scores on the website is much easier with the free MOZ tool – Moz Link Explore. Just enter your URL, and you will soon receive a complete website report. Along with this score, you will also be able to see your Domain Authority (DA)& Page Authority(PA) score and several links connected with the website.

Moz Extension –

You can also use Moz Chrome Extension to check the spam score of the website. You can see the result below image.

Remove Spam Score

Free Spam Score Checker Tool

  1. Check 20 domain authority – dapachecker
  2. Check Bulk DA and PA & SS – Checker tool
  3. Bulk DA, PA & SS checker – SEO Tool
  4. 100 Bulk DA and PA  – SEO Tool
  5. Bulk Da and PA Checker – Check Tool 

Find the Spam links of your website

You can easily find the spam links of your site by checking in the backlink checker tool.

Moz is the best option to find the links that has more spam score. When you find the spam links, extract the url file and create a .txt file using that backlink and save it.

Tool to Disavow the Links

Google provide tool to disvow the links – Google Disvow tool

Note:- open this Disvow tool on which tab, where you have already login of your GSC (Google search Console) connect Gmail.

Remove Spam Score

Using this tool you just need to find your property (property would be – http, https,www), the tool does not support the domain (like – property so your desired website property which site you want to remove spam score.

After selecting the right property, you need to upload the .txt file that you have previously created which contains the spam links.

Time take to Remove Spam Score-

After the completion of disvow link process, it take around 2 to 3 months to reduce the spam links.

Note:- Before upload your backlink sheet, check every link so that your time will not waste after upload of your website link file.