The Top SEO Tool 2021

The Top SEO Tool 2021
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The Top SEO Tool 2021

Hi, guys

Through this blog, I like to share the list of top SEO tools for 2021. It helps you a lot to Execute Freelancer projects or office tasks. So, keep reading till last.

Every newbie and experienced digital marketer use tools, to make their work more effective and easy. But not everyone knows about the tool and their work.

Let’s start

Top SEO Tool lists


Google Search Console:

Every person in the marketing field know about this best free tool

GSC, basically a free google tool for webmasters (a person handles their website using the GSC – known webmaster). In the  GSC you can control everything like

  1. Crawl your website faster in the Google “SE” with the help of the tool.
  2. Find the crawling error, if so, your website has.
  3. Check your link performance
  4. Check link connected with your site.

There are so many things that you can do using the tool – to know more about search console go with this  search console and to know in English go with this – search console

Google Analytics: –


Google Analytics, is the most popular tool for marketers. They use this free tool to analyze the market need. In Google Analytics, you can find many features that help you understand your market, also help you understand your work on your business.

some features are: –

When you open analytics, you will find many options and as per your requirement, you can choose the tab and see the report. After the Analytics update to GA 4 (Google Analytics 4).

  1. You check real-time report
  2. Acquisition
  3. Demographics

So, many this is in the analytics – Hindi Analytics and English – Analytics




New people always confuse in the field that when we have a search console, then why we are using analytics.

Let’s keep it simple, as the search console is basically used to control and track the performance report of our website for search engines. And on other hand, analytics is used to see the report of different sources and their traffic also the user behaviour.


Bing Webmaster and Microsoft Clarity:-


This tool is also best, and it provides many features as google tool. Microsoft’s clarity is another analytics tool by Bing, in the starting the tool was separate but after some time it was added with bing webmaster, and you can access this tool directly from the bing webmaster.


Ahref: –

This tool is paid but every effective if you are handling multiple projects at a single time. This tool gives many options for SEOs to analyze websites and find the requirement improvement option.

You can access the Ahref tool-free if you have a website, you just need to verify your ownership with Ahref and bang on! you can use the tool.

Feature:- Using the tool you can do keyword research, total search traffic estimations, backlink analysis, SERP history, internal linking opportunity, content analysis, and many more things.


SEMrush: –

This is another paid and famous tool for marketers, it gives an option for a free trial. So, you can easily test the tool that the tool is best for you or not, but by my experience, this tool works best.  Just like other tools, it gives many features, that make this tool “one for all”.

Features – Keyword Research, On-page SEO, Competitor Analysis, Rank Tracking, Link Building, PPC Keyword Research, and many more things.

Thank you for reading this, and this is not the end, we will add more tools to the list. And I also offer to every reader, that if you want to suggest more top SEO tool names, then please comment below we would like to add that in our blog. If you can share your suggestions by writing a comment or mail or message on social sites.



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