What is Content marketing 2020

What is Content marketing 2020
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What is Content marketing 2020


What is content marketing 2020?

Content marketing is an advertising and marketing method of making and distributing valuable, relevant and precise content to attract and acquire a truly defined audience – with the objective of taking profitable client action.

Why content Marketing is needed?

In the present market so many struggling for alternatives out there, customers can come up with the money to be picky approximately in which they spend their time and money. Providing relevant, the best facts increases consider and loyalty for customers.

This should pass beyond the usual display, video, and promoted classified ads you create, incorporating any content for your website that can be boosted or boom SEO.

Every marketer creating the persona of a company. For creating a value they provide some information in the form of blogs, white papers, or proprietary research. And they provide all focus on social media or long-form video tutorials providing useful information. Photo and video are very popular in content because they attract people very easily.

So the important thing is to provide relevant content to your audience in the form that they will really enjoy. If your research is good about your customer like what they like & what they don’t, then you can create better content for your targeted audience.

If your content perfectly describes your product or service in-depth explanations optimized for a desktop or tablet landscape view, then you are winning to create a good audience for your product or service.

In the present time, there are as many types of content marketing as there are types of content but in three formats we observed contents and that is…

1- In writing Format                          2- In Picture Format                   3- IN an Audio Format                 

4- In Video Format

1- Written Format:-

                                In this type of content, people will send a message or write a blog or short description of their product or service. While writing about the product, more companies are failed to describe their product or service. Product descriptions do more than explain what products about are.

If you perfectly explain your product in a blog or in an email then it will create traffic for your product and it will be also helpful in SEO. Because search engines care about their user & if the user will happy and satisfied then search engine gives you ranking. Social media is also a very good option for your content to publish for promotion and easily accessible to the customer.

2- In Picture Format:-

A picture is mostly used while describing anything because Sometimes an image is higher at communicating an anecdote than the written word because occasionally an image is better at communicating a story than the written phrase and if you include a picture in a media release, a piece of writing in a magazine, or weblog post it’s going to hold the reader’s attention higher than a written form.

While we are talking about the image we also create an image in our mind about any product and the image could be an infographic image or product image. But an infographic image is very good and gives more information than other image and it includes statistics, charts, graphs, and other information. Use Canva to create an infographic image. 

3- IN an Audio Format:-

Technology advancements and patron demand have led streaming audio networks for each track and podcasts to stage up the superb and availability in their content as audiences retain to flock to the one’s channels. Unsurprisingly, this makes for a fertile engagement floor for advertisers. In the present, at least more than 50% person from every country listen to the podcast in different formats.

4- In Video Format:-

Video format content is very famous it is like evergreen material to promote anything. A good video can lead you to your destination. Video could any type like short video, long video and today most of the marketer use video to promote the product. Promotion through video look more genuine and it attracts more people.

A case study says that…

Approx 80% of Twitter user watch video content on Twitter.

On YouTube, in the last 3 years, billions of user connected and 1/3rd of internet user watch video on YouTube.

82% of online marketers use video content for its promotion.

A large amount of video is uploading on a daily basis to social media platforms.

What is the essential thing needed while creating a content

  1. Think about your customer and their benefits because a customer always looks for their benefit instead of what is the product and how they serve.
  2. Whenever we create content, we should keep in mind that in our content put such a question and answer that is related to that service or product. It will benefit us that people will keep in touch with us not only to buy goods from us but also to know the answers to the question. 
  3. While creating content always share the real-time experience because it engages more people in comparison with a fake story. 
  4. Always write related content to the niche in which topic you are very good because it creates more engagement because what you write that comes from your heart.



Content is king so try to educate with your content. Always try to create motivational & educational content and co-related with your service or product.

 People love to watch and read content that has a great story.





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