What is Ethical hacking?

What is Ethical hacking?
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What is Ethical hacking? Quick Guide

What is hacking?

Hacking is the system of finding weaknesses in a device and the use of these discovered vulnerabilities to benefit unauthorized access into the system to perform malicious activities ranging from deleting device files to stealing important information.
It is illegal and can trouble you to extreme consequences in case you are caught inside the act. People were sentenced to years of imprisonment due to hacking.

What is Ethical Hacking?

When hacking is done with good intentions and with the permission of the user that is called ethical hacking, so we can say,
Hacking will be legal if completed with the permission of the user. Computer specialists are regularly hired by organizations to hack into their machine to discover loopholes and vulnerable endpoints so that they can be fixed.
This is done as a precautionary measure against wrong or black hat hackers, who’ve malicious intent.
What is the type of hacking?
Everyone knows that hacking is illegal and by this perspective, hacking is divided into 3 types…
 White hat Hacking or Ethical Hacking:-
In this type of hacking, the hacker is certified and work on a particular company & used his hacking knowledge to check loopholes in its company system. This all thing is done in the permission of the manager so this could not be dangerous.
Black Hat Hacking:-
This type of hacking is illegal because, in this hacking process, the hackers do not ask the user to access his system and all this thing is done to steal information, delete data, transfer information, money, etc important information.
If anyone does black hat hacking then he/she can be imprisoned in jails and have to pay a defined amount of money in the compensation. At present, every government is very strict on cyber law. 
Grey Hat Hackers:-
It is not different from the black hat hackers but the intention(not malicious intend) of the hacker makes black hat hacker to grey hat hacker.
This type of hacker do the hacking for any purpose like to aware company about its loopholes or help someone in problem, etc.

Why choose Ethical hacking or benefits?

If you are learning Ethical hacking then you need to know every new rule and new systems about your field. A good ethical hacker thinks like a black hat hacker & know the technique of black hat hacker, because in this field if you are not able to think like, black hat hacker then, you might not able to solve the problem.
By studying hacking, you can work as a network defender, risk management, and quality assurance tester. If you are thinking about, its benefit then I want to tell you, maybe you don’t know that it is the most trending service in this digital world.
In every sector, ethical hackers’ requirement is increasing and many people get benefited with it.
In this pandemic, hacking is also a very good area to work and you can do this from your home. You can work as a freelancer or work in any office.

How to become a good Ethical hacker?

A good ethical hacker has a good knowledge of programming coding, all the types of system, a different type of network, program codes, security measures, etc. 
Some of these skills need to become a good ethical hacker…
1. Knowledge of programming language:-
  A programmer can be a good hacker because he/she knows how to create new software from scratch, so you want to become a good hacker then you should learn one or two language Python, C, Java, C++, Swift, Ruby, C#. 
Here, python is more important and it is the most complicated and important language in programming.
2. Operating System:-
Every hacker uses a system in hacking ex:- Kali Linux, BackBox, Parrot Security OS, Live Hacking OS, DEFT Linux, NodeZero, etc.
This operating system is used by every hacker and Kali Linux is the most famous system used by a hacker. 
3. Knowledge of tools:-
In hacking different type of tools used in different steps so when you do the process you need to know about that tool process are like Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining Access, etc.
4. Knowledge of database
5 knowledge of network
This is all about what is Ethical hacking. If you want to start to learn ethical hacking then you can start it from my next blog where I will provide information about Website and YouTube channel, use of that you can learn free Ethical Hacking course. 

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