What is Saynamste meeting app?

Saynamste meeting app
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What is Saynamste meeting app?


SayNamaste is a videoconferencing software created by Mumbai based company. Built for Web, iOS and Android, Namaste enables you and your team members to quickly start a new meeting and talk immediately!

Saynamste meeting App

It is not an app, it is a web-app. More people are visiting this site, therefore, it causes or facing server down the problem and this notification you will see when you go the website.

The website presently has a note saying that users may additionally face a few transient connectivity issues with the website as they were facing exceptional demand, thereby requesting users to check lower back after some time.

The app is currently under beta development and there is no data when it will be available with the stable release. Interestingly, some people are saying that the video conferencing app released via the government, however, this isn’t true. There is not any legit link between the government and the application


What are the features?

Say Namaste offers customers with calling and chat options. It allows you to invite other users to a convention call using a meeting hyperlink and a code.

To begin a new call, Say Namaste will request for your digital camera and microphone get right of entry to at the device, however, you may pick to show off the camera and mute the audio once you’re on a call. It also lets you toggle among the screens and test out other assembly participants much like Zoom.


Although Say Namaste is probably visible as an exciting software, it’s far from no suit to Zoom. First, the software is in beta stage, which means that the capabilities aren’t stable.

In our quick checking out, we discovered out that the application is not that stable in nature, and we faced a few problems whilst creating a meeting link for trying out purpose.

Secondly, there may be no records approximately the number of participants you can actually add to the video-conferencing software. Also, a few capabilities like sending files for the duration of the video call did now not work properly.

Zoom comes loaded with a bunch of exciting capabilities, which makes it a reliable utility for video conferencing, even though you need to follow a few strict guidelines if you want to avoid fraud. That said, in this current stage, the Say Namaste utility can not be visible because of the full-fledged alternative to Zoom.

New Update:1

Say Namaste app launched its Android App

Some feature of the app

1. You can do the 1:1 conversations as well as group audio and video conference.
2. It supports 50 participants in one call
3. In the app screen sharing feature is also added so that you can easily show others what you want to show.
4. The chat feature is also enabled in the app so that you can do the conversation with people while the meeting is running.

5. In the app, you will also get easily file share option by using of that feature you can easily share documents, PDFs, presentations, images, video files and a lot more during the video conference itself among all participants.


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