What is SEO & Its types?

SEO & its types
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SEO & Its types?


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization called SEO is composed of all the actions intended to enhance the visibility and ranking of the internet site in natural seek consequences.

Daily lots of people inquire on Google and the list of outcomes displayed to the users is called “SERPs” or “Search Engine Results Pages”. If you are a site proprietor and if your website is not visible on the first page of SERPs, then you want to optimize your internet site to improve its visibility.

Search engine optimization is the art of enhancing the visibility of your internet site in SERPs through relevant keywords, and you need a webmaster to correctly put into effect the quality practices of search engine optimization.

SEO & its types

So the important factor of SEO which affects the performance of a website in SERPs. Here we give information to learn more and more about SEO or ranking techniques to improve the SEO performance of your website, there are two important factors Google and each search engine can pay attention; the On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

Types of SEO

                                   1 On-Page SEO                      2. Off-Page SEO

ON-Page SEO:-

    On-page SEO (sometimes called on-site search engine optimization), is the procedure of optimizing the structure and content material of a web page. The last goal of on-web page SEO is to talk the ‘search engines’ language’ and help search engine crawlers understand the content of your pages.

While doing on-page SEO keep in mind all these essential things…

1. Page Title Tag

A title tag is very important because your whole contents important key is your title tag. So while choosing a title tag research on your main keyword that means on which keyword you are writing a blog. For keyword research choose keyword planner and in present digital marketing industries, google and other website provides different types f keyword planning tool. Always choose low competition keywords with high searches.

  2.  Headings

Headings are usually the most important phrases on the web page, and for that reason, search engines give them a little greater importance than your other web page content headings lightly within your website to describe your website in the right way. Use your number one and other important keywords within the headings.

Try not to use heading tags all the time, use it the proper way and H₁ tag use only one on a page after that use other tags in a series. Headings are incredible to draw the user’s eyes and Google pays interest to head tags (H₁ to H₆).

 3. URL Structure

Basically URL is the address of your web page so try to write a user-friendly URL that understandable by user and search engine both. Don’t use underscores (_) as a separator in URL, use Hyphen (–) instead of as a separator in URL. A proper URL is appreciated by a search engine and gets an extra ranking boost in SERPs.

4. Image Optimization

Images are quite attractive to use in blogs or articles because it creates more attention of the user in comparison with text. Before using any images try to use content-related images with suitable sizes and file names and do not forget to use a suitable alt tag and caption for your image. Alt tags are the most important SEO factor of image optimization. So write a proper keyword while writing alt tag text. Search engines crawl images, so inserting some relevant keywords whilst as it should be describing the photo will help search engines recognize your page’s content.

5. Website Content

Content is everything or you can say content is king so if your content is useful and unique then your SERPs result will improve. Every user searches anything to use a keyword if your content is not related to the keyword then users go with some other blog and this will decrease your page visibility on the search engine. Always try to use genuine content while writing any blog or articles because that connects with people and user or reader loves to read that type of content.

6. Meta Description

Meta Description is also very important because it gives a short description of any content. Use proper interactive descriptions so that users mostly click on your page. All SEO plugin provides a meta description section so that you can describe about your page in a better way.

7. Internal link

While doing on-page SEO provide an internal link to the related keyword that connects with each other. This will very helpful for the user to read and search engine’s crawler to understand and index all pages. These hyperlink texts are very useful in others like a navigational menu bar or link.

So these are essential steps that covered while doing on-page SEO.


Off-Page SEO

If you have done with on-page SEO  then your next step is off-page SEO. Off-page SEO basically works on outside to your website. In off-page promote your website with different methods…

 1. Site map submission

Site map submission on the webmaster tool. By submitting your website sitemap on webmaster you are giving permission to the search engine to index your web page. Some webmaster tools are Google webmaster tool, Bing webmaster tool , etc.

2. Social bookmarking

Promoting your business online, social website is very good. Everyone has a social network account so to reach your desired user just create your account on different social sites and on a daily basis write about your product this is helpful to aware people. You can easily connect with those people who are far away from you. Some important social bookmarking sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

3. Business listings

List your business on a local search engine so that people can find you easily. If you are promoting your website or product but didn’t create any local listing profile then you are losing your most of the customer whom you can find near you and that could be your loyal customer.

Some business listing websites are Google My business, Just dial, etc.

4. Forum marketing

These types of websites are the Q&A website. To promote here just create your account and give the answer on your related niche, if your answer satisfied them then they will promote you.

Some forum websites are Quora.com, Reddit.com, etc.




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