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Introducing the Open Multiple URLs Tool | Bulk URL Opener Tool

Tired of having to click on links one by one? Our free tool allows you to easily open up multiple URLs at once in separate browser tabs with just a couple clicks. This saves you lots of time when you need to access multiple websites.

Bulk URL Opener

Multi URL Opener

How It Works

The Open Multiple URLs Tool is incredibly easy to use. Simply paste or type the list of URLs you need to access into the box on our page. Separate each URL in a separate line. Once your list is entered, hit the “Open All URLs”, there is two options available one is Individually and Bulk after selecting it – click on button. Our tool will instantly open all your links on new browser tabs so you can easily view them all.

Feature of TDigitalGuru Open Multiple URLs Tool:

  • Opens unlimited webpage links at once
  • Creates a separate browser tab for each URL
  • Saves you time by not having to click one by one
  • 100% free to use with no login required
  • Works on all devices and browsers

Stop wasting time opening links manually. Use our free Open Multiple URLs Tool for instant access to multiple sites with only a couple clicks. Try it today and experience the convenience!

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